Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 70

Well i feel better than i did when i packed up last night. Was proppa angry lol. Ah well, gotta think about the long run and not let these donks effect my game i suppose. Just cooking sausage sarnies which i think will be followed by an afternoon around the pool. Maybe i'll put an hour or 2 in later at the tables.
Had a call off the trainer today who says Mister Incredible should deffo be racing on Monday at Windsor. I will get another call over the weekend after entries are finalized and the ground conditions have been assessed. Things are very positive at the moment but i'll await the next call and let you know. Keep em peeled ;)

Well i finish 2day a lot happier than yesterday :-) Was $400 down until 1 hour ago where i met the biggest psycho maniac i've ever seen. Was unreal. 1 hour in $800nl and this guy must have reloaded 7 or 8 times! Was a case of doin a zulu on him...... hold.......hold......hold.......FIRE!!!!
Opened a fulltilt account today also but not played yet. Watched a few of the pro's playing high stakes and it scared the bejesus outa me lol. Think i'll stick to this level for a while.

note to self: 25k -200 + pp + skyx2

Previous balance $41,686
Todays profit $1,982
Todays balance $43,668
Total Profit $43,268

Oooh just realized that's the end of June! I suppose i should tot up my monthlies......

April profit $20,266
May profit $7,554
June profit $15,448

Day 69

I am well and trully gobsmacked. Am sat here numb after that sesh. I said i wouldn't play today and i really wish i never. Have had to walk away for fear of ubertilt. I felt good today and was playing well. Made $800 earlier but my last 2 hands leave me completely speachless (altho still able to type.) We had an utter utter utter DONK at a $1000nl table who was obviously pissed or severely retarded or both. 1st hand I double him up to $800 with my AA losing against his 33 (allin preflop!)
Very next hand i get TT (now bear in mind i never raise with nothing.) I raise to $100 and the donkey calls. Flop 336. I bet $200 donkey calls. Turn 8. I push for $500 and he calls. River K and he flips QKo. I thought i was seeing things. Good job that wasn't a live game!

Previous balance $42,328
Todays profit -$642
Todays balance $41,686
Total profit $41,286 Fooking Gutted!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 68

What an awful day at the tables. Didn't even really get any big pot bad beats. Just seemed to be frittering cash away. Was bored stiff playing which probably explains a lot. Couple of days off for me i think. Catch some rays while i'm still in Ibiza. Looks like i'm going home at the end of July and this pic shows what i might be going home to. It was taken about 2 miles from my house lol. Hope that's not my brother waiting for a set! hehe. More severe weather warnings forecast for the weekend so with a bit of luck, Hull may be completely washed away and they can start again with a blank canvas :-)))

Previous balance $42,842
Todays profit -$514
Todays balance $42,328
Total profit $41,928

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 67

Just had an email telling me that MISTER INCREDIBLE is due to run again on Mon July 2nd at Windsor. Think over 6f this time and he'll be stepping up 2 classes to class 5. It will be a tough task for him but not impossible. I should get some news off the trainer later in the week so keep em peeled!

Here's a hand for the poker textbooks for ya:
Playing against a known fookwit fish (cas) $400nl. Can't get history but here it is:
Blinds $2/$4
Dealt to me JJ in the SB
MP raises to $20
Button calls
I reraise to $92
cas in BB calls
MP folds
Button folds
Pot = $224
Flop = 667
I put cas allin for another $100 He instacalls.
Turn = 2 River = Q

Can you guess what he flips to win a $424 pot? No, really, have a real good think. Go through the betting. Pure genius.

Q8o FFS!!!!!! WTF?

Well that finished off a pretty shit day. Have seen some real donktastic play today and i'm stopping before i tilt a stack off. AA cracked twice.... 1 of them allin preflop v 97! Ridonkulous!
Can't complain too much i suppose. These fookwits are my bread and butter. Still hurts when they hit tho.

Previous balance $43,312
Todays profit -$470
Todays balance $42,842
Total profit $42,442

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 66

Well today is Tuesday and last week was a great week for me. My poker wins and my horse winning pales into insignificance compared to my girlfriend saying yes to my marriage proposal :-))))) I don't think anyone thought i would ever get round to settling down. Neither did i to be honest but i got very lucky indeed by meeting the girl of my dreams. I wanted to wait until i knew things were right and i'd met the right one for me. Now i know i have :-)

The above took a couple of trips to the UK to sort out and i've also been mega busy with the boat. It still hasn't sold yet. The guy who is supposed to be buying it keeps stalling. I just got a call off my boss with some news though and whatever happens i'll be finishing at the end of July which will give me some time in the UK :-) This is why i've not been great at updating this blog. Had my head full for a couple of weeks. Anyways, hope to keep on top of it now.

Well that was a giggle. Just been playing some tables of $400 nl and my last 6 hands against alliners stood up. Think i wiped 8 people out in about 20 mins hehe. Played the pokerroom teamplay $500 FR tonight representing pokerfriends and went out 19/19 oops (blush.) The standard was very poor and i should have altered my game to match really. People calling with anything. My 8x PF raise with JJ did most damage when some numpty flipped 97 and hit a boat! Grrrr. Next round tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

Previous balance $42,442
Todays profit $870
Todays balance $43,312
Total profit $42,912

Day 58 - Day 65

Have been bad with my housekeeping over the past couple of weeks and am spending the day catching up. The below are for cash games only and don't include my horse win or my mtt expenses. All i know is that my current bankroll is correct but to try and work out every day would be a complete nightmare and take forever. Must keep on top of this!!

Previous balance $38,095

balance 10.06.07 $39,032
balance 11.06.07 $38,452
balance 14.06.07 $38,364
balance 18.06.07 $38,578
balance 19.06.07 $39,682
balance 20.06.07 $42,292
balance 21.06.07 $41,226
balance 25.06.07 $42,442

Profit for above 8 playing days $3,410
New balance $42,442
Total profit $42,042

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sorry i've been a lazy arse. Just haven't got round to doing my housework (blog & records) for some time now. I'll be updating today or tomorrow with recent events. I'm posting this today as it was my birthday last week and as a present i got a part share in a racehorse :-) I don't get a cut of winnings or anything and it isn't a classy horse but it has won 3 times and i think it will win again. All previous wins have been on all weather but they are giving him more turf time this year. Anyways, i got a call from the trainer a couple of days ago telling me he's running tonight at Beverley in the 18:30 race. The horses name is MISTER INCREDIBLE. Quite apt really don't you think? ;-) The trainer said that conditions are good as he likes soft ground and they have a great draw. He's racing at his preferred 5f and it's a class 7 race (he normally races class 6.) All in all the trainer sounded very upbeat about it's chances and i think they'll be having a go with him. Jockey has been told to try and get on the rail early.

I've had a few quids e/w on him for a bit of fun (i have to really eh?) and he's currently at 11/2 with skybet. I see Ladbrokes and BetDirect have both reduced their odds to 9/2!

This aint a tip, just a bit of info, so don't blame me when he loses hehe. Good luck if you have a bash :-)
Wow that was exciting. Can't believe i can now add 'winning racehorse owner' to my CV :-)
100 quids e/w was quite sweet too at 11/2 :-)))))))) Hope you got on it?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 57

Yay, a day off! No plans as yet for today. I was gonna go and chill at the beach with a book but we have rain today for the 1st time in ages :( There's the $75k Gtd to try for at Pacific tonight and i might have a bash at the $18k Gtd Open as well. Both of them crapshoots TBH but the payout structures aren't too shabby should you hit the money.
GL at the tables all!
Daft day. No sun, no wins, no battenberg cake. For some reason i'm really craving for some.

Previous balance $38,347
Todays profit -$252
Todays balance $38,095
Total profit $37,695

Day 56

Well, the boat has been packed up and emptied. It really looks like this guy will buy the thing on Wednesday but can't be certain until the deposit has been payed. So, looks like on Wednesday i could be out of a job. Yipeee!!! LOL. Heres a piccy just to give you an idea what the boat looks like. It's not a monster compared to the megayachts of today but she's a beautiful boat all the same.

Played the last WSOP qualifier at Pacific tonight and came 22nd i think out of 90 odd :( Barring a miracle it doesn't look like i'll be gracing vegas with my presence this year :( Oh well, plenty of other live events to gun for. Upcoming events WSP Costa Rica, UK Open, WSOP UK, EPT Barcelona. I might even treat myself to a buyin for the Barcelona game if i can't qualify.

Went for my 1st visit to the cash tables for a few days after the WSOP game and did OK although i was only playing $2/$4.

Previous balance $38,072
Todays profit $275
Todays balance $38,347
Total profit $37,947

Day 55

Day 55 = Friday 8th.
Played very little and didn't even look at a cash table. Was doing well in a UK Open qualifier when down to the last 6. Only winner got a seat. Was joint chipleader when got dealt KK in the BB. Other chippo was UTG and raised. I reraised and he called. Flopski 59T rainbow. I bet, he goes over the top and i call for a monster pot and a double chip lead. He flips JJ and catches another J on the river! AAARRGGGHHHHHHHH 3 and a half fooking hours wasted. That was one of the most difficult to take beats i have ever faced as i was playing so well and really fancied it. A friend got heads up with the same guy who who eventually won the thing. The final hand saw him suckout again catching his 2 outer on the river to make his set. UL Begg :(

Previous balance $38,209
Todays profit -$137
Todays balance $38,072
Total balance $37,672

Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 54

Down a tad tonight. Tired, will update tomorrow....
Ooops, sorry i'm late. Have been mega busy since Friday getting the boat ready for a client who was supposed to be arriving yesterday. He not coming til Wednesday now so i gotta do the same thing all over again. I really shouldn't be hoping he buys it as that would put me out of a job but i think my time in this job has run it's course now and it would be nice to get back and spend some time in the UK over summer.
Anyways, Have to trawl through any games i've played now and try and come up with some figures.........

Previous balance $38,436
Todays profit -$227
Todays balance $38,209
Total profit $37,809

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 53

OK Nicholson. I have pictures and i'm not afraid to use them! :-)
Right...... To do something....... The sun is shining, i feel much more positive, and i'm off down the boat to spend the day cleaning the damn thing. Good luck in whatever you're doing today.
This pic btw is my mate Ben on his stag night just before he got changed into his 'stag outfit.' I do believe we should have died, the amount we drank that day. I vaguely remember meeting at 11am for a pint and a fry up but the rest is a bit of a blur......

At the point of not being physically able to drink any more, we took to buying pints and pouring them directly down the toilet!

By special request from the man himself.............

And just to prove they succeeded!


Started off the day very nicely with a 2nd in a 2k Gtd at Pacific for $400. From then on i seemed to lose my marbles completely and donk off a stack or 3. I was playing like a retard TBH. Went out to watch the 2nd half of the footy and cool down. Come on England!!!! Made a bit of my losses back when i got home at cash and got 18th in the 2nd 10k at pacific for $85.

Previous balance $38,980

Todays profit -$544 - am fairly chuffed with that. Could easily have been -1300

Todays balance $38,436

Total profit $38,036

Late edit: CONGRATULATIONS WELSHY from PFU on taking down the 10k at pacific for a nice $2500. Dominated the game from start to finish matey. Get in there! :-)

Day 52

Back on the tables tonight. Only for a couple of hours though. Am bored tbh. As amatay says in his blog i've lost that oomph. Really enjoyed the Pacific Poker forum freeroll tonight though. Were only playing for $12 but the level of play and the banter was top class. Played 2 tables of $3/6 after that for 2 hours and made a tidy profit. I just aint getting the buzz like i used to though. I don't think it's to do with the winnings as i could quite happily stick to this level and continue making money. Maybe the game is just numbing my brain. I think i've got to stick to set times and give myself more non poker playing time off. Maybe if i set myself 2 days off a week and actually do something with my time like getting out of this apt.
Spoke to my girlfriend who's still in the UK tonight and i think that's gettin me down as much as anything. We have all these plans that are dependant on things happening out of our control. My bosses boat selling, an apartment coming available for us, Getting the OK to aquire a restaurant here, her house selling etc etc etc. I'm hopeful that this week will sort some of this stuff out but we just have to wait and see. I know i'm having a bit of a rant but it's sooooooo frustrating. Maybe i'll look back on this post next week and smile :)
Anyways, as you say hon...... things WILL work out! Patience :)

Previous balance $37,851
Todays profit $1,129
Todays balance $38,980
Total profit $38,580

Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 51

Didn't touch poker yesterday (Sun) at all. Instead got up late morning, met some friends, had a few drinkies then headed to Space! Got there at 3pm ish and went through til 3am today. That's a 15 hour sesh! Feel like a zombie today. Just trenched a full english which has improved things slightly but i still fancy a few hours kip. Maybe i'll have a look at the tables this evening.

Hardly played again today. Been in a grump tbh. Lack of sleep + hangover + constant disconnections at Pacific = Unhappy me. Played the 25k there and got to see 3 hands in 30 mins. Hope i get my $38 buyin back. at least i got a bonus of $135 from the global promotion so finished up on the day.

Previous balance $37,791
Todays profit $60
Total balance $37,851
Total profit $37,451

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Day 50

A nice site to find more blogs and/or advertise your own:

Hardly played at all today. Played a 1 in 3 sat at pacific for the wsop but took 3 consecutive beats by the same player and busted out. Played a little cash at pacific and won but was really too tired to play so i called it a night early.
Tomorrow is the Space opening party. Should be a giggle.

Previous balance $37,824
Todays profit -$33
Todays balance $37,791
Total profit $37,391

Day 49

WOOOHOOO!!!! :-) Check out the spike!!!!

What a great day. I satted into the Primo final at sky a few weeks ago for $48. The final was tonight. $220 buyin $100k gtd.

Played a good game with a few ups and downs along the way. Had a mini rush 3/4 of the way through that took me from 5,000 - 15,000 chips that set me up for a money finish.

Got a bit of luck with about 10 players left that again put me right back in it. Think i hit a flopped FH....... which was nice. Anyways, finished 3rd for $9,000. Really wanted the win for $25k but i can't grumble with 3rd. The hand that put me out was A5 for me on the button. I had 90k chips v 150k & 220k. I pushed allin from the button and found AJ in the BB :-( Ah well. A good nights work non the less.
Oh PS...... had a decent afternoon on the cash tables too :)

Previous balance $27,820
Todays profit $10,004
Todays balance $37,824
Total profit $37,424