Sunday, December 14, 2008

APT Manila Package!!

Had a good week on the cash tables which was topped off by an mtt win last night. I had qualified for a $270 seat for $20 earlier in the week and the field ended up being 44 last night for a $6,000 package to Manila to play in the Asian Poker Tour Jan 2009. There was almost 2 packages on offer but the prizepool was just short which meant that 2nd-20th got their $$$'s back. Once the bubble popped i was freerolling really as i was guaranteed $270 for my $20 investment. With 8 left I lost a 88 v QK which crippled me and left me on 2000 chips. After working my way back up to 20k by playing like a maniac I settled down and played well. Then i lost an AIPF 77 v Q7 which nearly tilted me when 2 Queens came down. Built my way back up playing pretty agro and got a decent 3-1 chiplead HU. Lost another flip to get back level and then got dealt 77 again. It all went in preflop and he flipped QK. Flop again contained 2 Queens... WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!? I had just drawn back my throwing hand (which contained my wireless mouse) when a 7 blipped the turn! Woot for 2 outers...... so rigged lol!
So anyways, i now have a $6k package which is $2700 seat + expenses. Anybody want to make me a sensible offer? Could do with the cash to add to my roll tbh. Especially as the boiler at the house i rent out has just gone bang which is gonna cost me £500 best case and over £1k worst case. Poor tenants must be freezing their nads of at the mo.