Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 43

I've spent 5 hours so far today collating previous hands. I can't get them into pokertracker so i'm having to put each session into a spreadsheet. I want to investigate my bb/hr figures and see where i'm making my best money. Have about 350 sessions to wade through though. Got about 100 done so far. Also wanted my bb/100 hands figure but that would mean counting all my hands seperately and logging them in the relevant level. 43 days = 25,000 hands! I got the 1st 2300 done in about 3 hours but gave up when i realized it would take me about 35 hours to do them all. Will stick with the bb/hr figure. This alone will take me another 6-8 hrs :-(
Couldn't take anymore figures.....should have gone to bed really as not in the mood to play and it showed. Lost a buyin at 2/4 and more or less broke even on other tables. Didn't stay for long as i knew not in the right frame of mind.
Transferred $200 to Mansion today. Their $100k Gtd has been temporarily replaced by a $100 entry.... 8 WSOP seats gtd tourny. Only attracting less than 500 players so a very good layover. Spent $30 trying to satellite in this afternoon and failed so paid the full $100 to enter. Came nowhere. Waste of money. Only got $70 left there now so will have to succeed in a sat for the next 1 or throw a few dollars more in. Am so desperate to play the WSOP this year!!!!

Previous balance $25,870
Todays profit -$316
Todays balance $25,554
Total profit $25,154


Gutshot donkey said...

Just read the whole blog. Hats off to you. $25k in 43 days and hardly a losing day is pretty impressive. What's the long term goal?

Cottlad said...

Cheers Gutshot. No real long term goals yet. I started this blog to try and improve my BR management. Not as easy to donk off chips if people are watching ;) I dunno where it might lead. Maybe i'll go on a losing streak or maybe i'll make a million :-) I just want to keep it steady for the time being and prove to myself i can maybe make a living out of this. Thanks for reading.