Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 86

Well being back in the UK isn't that bad afterall :-) Staying at my parents for the time being which is a bit of a pain but hopefully that won't be for too long. Hardly played any poker for well over a week but went to a live 10 quid rebuy game last night which was good fun. Came just outside of the money but only spent 20 quid so not too bad. Went again tonight and didn't do very well at all. The format was trully awful. 10 quid gets you 1000 chips with 12/table and blinds at 100/100. Basically a crapshoot. Not much skill involved. Don't think i'll be going back there..... although there was only 59 runners tonight, top 10 paid, winner took over 1,300! Shows how many rebuys there was.
Played 3/6 this afternoon and 5/10 tonight and made a nice profit on both :-)

Previous balance $54,813
Todays profit $2,452
Todays balance $57,265
Total profit $56,865

Note to self Sx2+P+FT-600+25k

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adios Ibiza

Not played all week and haven't even itched for a game. Had a great week on hols eating and drinking too much. Went to a swanky party last night to mark the 20th anniversary of Madrigal bar and restaurant and also Fairlines Summer Party. Free bar all night saw me get rather squiffy and Anna completely and utterly trashed hehe. Fashion TV were there as well as a whole host of reporters and photographers. I've never seen so much plastic in one place! Was a really good night until the effects of the booze kicked in! Then it just got messy hehe.

Well i sold my prize posession today. My Jeep Wrangler will have a new owner as of Saturday night and i'll be leaving the island with Anna and heading home to the floods and misery. Can't wait ;-) Will actually be nice to get off the island for a while but i know i'm gonna miss the place so much after a week or so (possibly a lot less!) I just hope we can get things sorted at home quickly so we can come back in September or October and find a nice apartment. At least i'm gonna be able to play a few live games again. Gonna be kept really busy when i get home what with looking for a business, sorting my house out, planning a wedding and hopefully fitting some golf and poker in between.

Congrats to Idi0 on your UK Open seat :-))))) Nobody more deserving!

Congrats to Welshy on your $10k victory...... that's the 3rd time! Mucho respecto!

Good luck at the tables all. I'll be back playing next week i hope.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

No poker today

My head just aint up to the job. Went for a Ruby last night and then down the Rock Bar for a few sherberts. Ended up in Pacha at about 3am but i could have been at the Roxy for all i knew. Was slightly pished and really didn't enjoy Pacha at all. Went for coffees to keep me awake and sober me up as i had to take my flatmate and his girlfriend to the airport at 10am. Felt like shit but was ready to go at 10am. They still fannying around at 10:15 and i'm telling them they gonna miss the flight. We leave house at 10:25 and their flight leaves at 11:25! We are 30 minutes from the airport! Anyways, we set off and he says he needs to go to a tabac before the airport. WTF? So we get to the airport about 30 mins before check-in and i'm convinced they missed it so i told him to call me ASAP so i could turn the car around and pick them up. I set off and they call me to say all OK..... whew. I drive the 15 miles home and as i'm pulling up the phone rings...... Oooops we missed the flight afterall...... we were in the wrong queue!......WTF!!!! Are these people fucking donkeys or what? So i drive all the way back to the airport and wait another 45 minutes while they fanny around getting other tickets. Then drive all the way back home. Can you imagine what a good mood i was in after zero sleep and the effects of a major hangover kicking in! Got to bed about 12:45 and i've had about 4 hours kip. Now gotta take them BACK to the feckin airport for 01:00 tomoro am but that's OK cos i pick my fiance up at the same time. What a pair of grade 1 listed numpty fookwits!! Anyways, i've calmed down a bit now. Gonna have a weeks holiday with Anna then i'll be heading back to the UK for a while, probably until Sep or Oct.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 85 - Thank You Queen Scarlet

Get in there! :-)))) Started today playing $800nl and somehow managed to boost up to $3k in about 40 mins (woot!) Left with about $2,800 and went into sports betting for a bet on a little tip i received the other day. Queen Scarlet in the 6.15 at Newmarket. Was only gonna have a tenner each way but as i'd done alright at the poker i decided to have a gamble and sling 100 quid e/w on her. She only romped home at 14-1!!! (Woot!!!) :-) I actually took 10-1 but still can't grumble.

Off out tonight to celebrate at Pacha!

Previous balance $50,417

Todays profit $4,396

Todays balance $54,813

Total profit $54,413

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 84 - 50k post

Quite a milestone post tonight. 50k barrier has been broken and i'm chuffed to bits :)))))

Took down a small Pacific forum game tonight. Only 13 runners but it buys my place into the bootcamp qualifier on Saturday. No doubt i'll come 2nd again!

Played up and down at cash tonight. Mostly leaving about even after 2-3 hours. Sat at a $800nl table and was taking some flak. AA beaten by TT then a horrible hand with AK saw me with only $120 left. I switched to tilting maniac mode and left with $1150 soon after :-)

Previous balance $49,867

Todays profit $550

Todays balance $50,417

Total profit $50,017

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 83

Wow what a night. Managed to get a live feed to the final table and stopped up to watch it. Think i nodded off at about 7am then woke up to catch the heads up. Can't say i was very impressed at all with Yangs play throughout the FT but i couldn't see the hole cards and i suppose he went there 8th in chips with a plan of pure aggression and it worked for him. I think his early prays to God & Jesus put me off the guy to start with but he seemed to chill a bit later in the game. After seeing the end of the tourny and his celebrations and post game interviews i completely change my views. What a nice guy he is. Very humble, very gracious, and a great future ambassador for the sport...... No, i'm not talking about amatay! hehe.
Well done to John Kalmar who made 5th for a nice payday. Still think the AK shove was a bad move though. Ah well, still an incredible performance and another nice guy!

I have my own big game playing tonight at Pacific. For the last 20 weeks we've been playing poker idol where all of the prizepools are put into 1 big pot for a winner takes all tourny which must be spent on a live seat. I was lucky enough to win early on so i got my final seat for around $25. We now have 20 players going into the final with a prizepool of a little under $3,500. It's a winner takes all format but the rest of the finalists are to split 40% of any winnings that the winner makes in the live event. Costa Rica here i come!!!! (i hope!) .......................................
Well that didn't go quite to plan. Unless coming 20th outa 20 was the plan :-( Got screwed on 2 hands and the game was up. Holding AK on a TJQA board and got rivered by a flush. Then holding QKc on a 82K rainbow flop i got outdrawn by KJ....... J turn, J river! Sickness!!!!
The good news is that the prizepool of $3300 went to a very deserving winner. Very well played Peeko2. Best of luck in the live event.

Rescued the evening by a nice couple of quick sessions in $2/$4

Previous balance $48,701
Todays profit $1,166
Todays balance $49,867
Total profit $49,467

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 82

I am unemployed! It's official! The boat has just about been sold so i took her for a last trip to Barcelona on Saturday. Dropped the keys off at the Barcelona office and that's that! Had a great trip over and invited a couple of friends. The weather in Ibiza was pretty shitty and the sea was real lumpy for the 1st hour but then it smoothed out and we had a great passage. I'm gonna miss the boat but i'm also looking forward to a new life without her. No more polishing for me! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!
So, I guess i just became a professional poker player. That sounds so scarey and i never had any plans to turn pro. I suppose it's just happened. I'm still looking for a business with my fiance and that is the goal but if i can keep the money coming in from the tables then all is well. It means i'll be leaving Ibiza in a week or 3 and heading home for a while. I hope there's gonna be something that resembles a summer by the time i get back. We plan to head back out later in the year when apartments are more readily available and they're not charging silly holiday prices. My fiance flies out here on Saturday for a week and i reckon i'll probably leave here on the same flight after we've had a nice holiday. It feels so weird having zero work responsibilities. I can go to the beach without getting a call or having to be somewhere to meet someone. I think i could get used to this :-)

Previous balance $47,584
Todays profit $1,117
Todays balance $48,701
Total profit $48,301

Day 78 - 81

Man i've been blog lazy for the last week. TBH I took a fairly big hit last Monday and i just couldn't be arsed updating. It's no fun when i'm registering a -$1800 figure :-( Lost 3 x $600 buyins fairly quickly and turned the laptop off. Didn't play for a couple of days and needed to get my heed together. Had a few good days since then and am back on track again.
I am now officially a pro poker player! That's some scarey shit! I'll update more on that in my next post. Anyways, i've gotta dig around and collate some stats now........................

Previous balance $47,748
09.07.07 Day 78 -$1720
12.07.07 Day 79 $10
13.07.07 Day 80 $1,160
16.07.07 Day 81 $468
4 day profit -$164
Todays balance $47,584

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day 77

Oh i've suffered today! Who suggested Jaegerbombs & Sambuca Afterburners? Empire at Privelige went so well last night. Big congrats to JJ & Ally for putting on a top night. The main room in Privelige was dead but Empire rocked! Have hardly touched the poker today and have only played 2 small forum mtt's at Pacific, both of which i somehow managed to win :-) I have no idea how as my brain ceased to function at around 6am today and probably won't start to function again until around 2pm on Tuesday lol. Anyways, am finding this difficult so am off to stare at a wall.

Previous balance $47,670

Todays profit $78

Todays balance $47,748

Total profit $47,348

Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 76

You'll have to excuse any missing e's in this post. Feckin button keeps sticking lol. The guy never turned up to see the boat which has really pissed me off after all the work last week. He's saying he'll send a deposit on Monday though so yet again, i'm waiting on what's gonna happen. Whatever happens i'm outa here at the end of July. Would have been nice to know today though so i can top up the tan then get back to the UK to soak up some rain.
Had a bad start at the tables today losing 2 x $600 buyins. I then entered the UK Open qualifier at Pacific and held JT in my exit hand with a JTT board. Fecker had JJ innit! Nothing i could do there to get away from that :-( Seem to have a trend going atm of losing to a bigger boat!
Now for the good news :-)..... Entrd the $50k Gtd primo for $110. The last 1 i played in i came 3rd for $9000 which accounts for the spike in my graph. Anyways, tonight i came 5th out of 650 for a nice $3200. Wanted to win this soooooo bad and got rivered by the chippo to take me out in 5th. Still, can't grumble. Was in bad shape with 10 left and would have settled for 5th every time.
My mate is headlining at Privelige tomorrow night so have been summoned to support him. Good luck Jean Jack...... av it large mate!

Previous balance $45,792
Todays profit $1,878
Todays balance $47,670
Total profit $47,270

Day 75

Outplayed? Suckered? Got lucky? Whatever it was i should have been reporting another nice profit tonight but for 1 hand. Was doing very nicely and had a good read on 1 particular player. Then this hand happened in $800nl.
I call a 4 x raise on the button from Mr fish.
Flop K99 rainbow
He bets $24 and i raise to $48
Turn Q
He bets $24 and i call
River T
He goes allin and i instacall with my rivered boat TTT99
He flips QQ for the better boat :(
Looking back at the hand i don't think i did a great deal wrong? TBH i didn't think he even had the straight and was trying to bluff me off the pot. He was obviously hoping i made my straight and was looking to earn maximum chips. Well he did lol. It cost me $680 but the weird thing is, that's the 1st time i've lost that amount in a single pot and not felt devastated. Looking back, it may be the 1st time i've lost a pot that size without being outdrawn. He had me beat fair and square and hats off to the guy, he got paid for his hand too. Other tables were slow tonight but i managed to eek back my losses and make a bit of profit on top.
Big day tomorrow. Pleeeeeeeaase buy the boat Mr Italian man!

Previous balance $45,586
Todays profit $206
Todays balance $45,792
Total profit $45,392

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 74

I feel like i've been lobotomized! I've never been so card dead ever. 2 hours at a $600nl table and only 1 playable hand. Was down to $120 not so long back but a few outrageous bluffs got me back to $400 and as i'm typing this i've just had my 1st nut hand (broadway) that has catapulted me up to $720. Worth the wait then i suppose but it's been hellish slow. Won a nice amount earlier so today has turned out OK (if i stop now ;/)

Got a guy coming to look at the boat on Friday so will be spending tomorrow (today now) polishing and getting it ready. Looks like he'll buy it so i may well be out of a job come Friday! Me mother will have a duckfit if i tell her i'm gonna try poker for a living! lol. Well at least for a couple of months anyway until we find out if this donk in Ibiza is going to rent me his restaurant. If not, we'll be looking at some other places and you're all invited for fish & chips :)

No news yet on Mister Incredibles next race but i'll let ya know when i do.

Previous balance $44,852

Todays profit $734

Todays Balance $45,586

Total profit $45,186

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day 73

Mister Incredible not running tomorrow. Chepstow waterlogged :(

Previous balance $44,292
Todays profit $560
Todays balance $44,852
Total profit $44,452

Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 72

Mister Incredible is due to run again tonight in the 7.10 at Windsor. I don't have as much confidence in him as last time and there probably isn't much value in the current 11/4 available. 5/1 or better would be worth a punt but i may have just a few quid in a reverse forecast with the favourite. I can't help but feel they may run him easy at this price and await a better race/price for his next win attempt. The following is an email i got off the trainer....
The race looks to have a clear favourite in Mafaheem who should be odds on for the race, so really the rest are almost running for 2nd/3rd place. I guess 5/1 or better would be worth betting e/w or betting exchanges/tote for place only, though i would be looking for 8/1 to make a profit from a personal betting point of view. Mister I looks around 3rd or 4th best if handicap but his run the other day puts him in with a great chance.
What to do? (sigh)

Well he finished 4th and out of the places. He had a bad run really getting badly hampered half way through and doing well not to fall. He's due to run again on Wednesday if he's in shape so more to follow.
Lost a few on the geegee's.......won a few at poker :)

Previous balance $44,278
Todays profit $14
Todays balance $44,292
Total profit $43,892

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 71

Day 71 in the big brother house. Cottlad has been doing nothing in particular all day. At least the beard has gon. I was starting to resemble Frankie Wilde in both looks and mentality lol.
Have done my best to sat into the 75k at pacific tonight to no avail. Spent $40 trying to qualify for a $70 tourny lol. Gave up in the end and i'm not buying in. Will try the sky $24k instead.
Why is it that whenever i nip for a packet of fags i end up spending 50 euros? Always the same..... go for fags, see supermarket, nip in for nothing in particular, then walk out with 4 bags of shopping! I think i may have some sort of compulsive disorder lol. My shopping consisted of:
2 bags haribo, 1 giant toblerone, 2 bags tortilla crisps, 1 bottle wine, 3 tubes mentos, 1 tin chicken curry, tabasco sauce, salami, pate, 2 pot noodles and a tub of cream cheese. Never shop when hungry. I now feel utterly sick! Anyways i'll stop wittering now, crack some wine, and throw my hook in.
Not a bad evening, started poorly but a nice result in the end...

Previous balance $43,668
Todays profit $610
Todays balance $44,278
Total profit $43,878