Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 36

1st day back at the tables for a few days. The girlfriend's been over to Ibiza so not played a hand all week. It's been fab. Although i did burn in the sun quite badly on the 1st day and am now peeling like a goodun. The weather is really warm now and getting warmer every day. July & August are going to be nightmare months what with the heat and the tourists. It gets so busy here. Hopefully will be able to spend a bit more time in the UK this summer depending on what happens with my job as it looks like the boat may be sold and i would officially become a poker pro...... scarey!!!! Not sure my mother will be too pleased at that thought lol. Still looking for a restaurant here so fingers crossed something will happen soon.
A good day today. was playing $1000nl and found a complete maniac. This guy must have been utterly wasted or mentally unhinged. It's not everyday that you see guys calling preflop allins at this level with 52off! Anyways, will be keeping my eyes peeled for him in the future.

Previous balance $22,170
Todays profit $934
Todays balance $23,104
Total profit $22,704

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