Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 75

Outplayed? Suckered? Got lucky? Whatever it was i should have been reporting another nice profit tonight but for 1 hand. Was doing very nicely and had a good read on 1 particular player. Then this hand happened in $800nl.
I call a 4 x raise on the button from Mr fish.
Flop K99 rainbow
He bets $24 and i raise to $48
Turn Q
He bets $24 and i call
River T
He goes allin and i instacall with my rivered boat TTT99
He flips QQ for the better boat :(
Looking back at the hand i don't think i did a great deal wrong? TBH i didn't think he even had the straight and was trying to bluff me off the pot. He was obviously hoping i made my straight and was looking to earn maximum chips. Well he did lol. It cost me $680 but the weird thing is, that's the 1st time i've lost that amount in a single pot and not felt devastated. Looking back, it may be the 1st time i've lost a pot that size without being outdrawn. He had me beat fair and square and hats off to the guy, he got paid for his hand too. Other tables were slow tonight but i managed to eek back my losses and make a bit of profit on top.
Big day tomorrow. Pleeeeeeeaase buy the boat Mr Italian man!

Previous balance $45,586
Todays profit $206
Todays balance $45,792
Total profit $45,392

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