Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 39

Just don't seem to be getting the breaks lately. I need to find out why. Have the sharks arrived at sky? Have i changed my game? Is it just variance? Have the fish learnt their lessons with me? I think maybe all of the above. I'm probably playing a little more passively than i should. Maybe i've just slipped into this or maybe i'm worried too much about losing. I'm also getting bored with 1/2 & 2/4. Maybe i need to take more regular forrays into 5/10 to keep my intrest going. Where does this stop if i get bored with 5/10 though? I can't just step up every time i get bored. I'm also sure that the standard has improved. A month ago i could sit at a table and there would regularly be 4 players with 'donk' or 'atm' in player notes. These players are few and far between now with maybe 1 at a table at any 1 time. Anyways, i have to make a change somewhere so maybe stepping up slightly to 4/8 & 5/10 would work and this is still within my bankroll. The reason i haven't done this sooner is because i was just looking at making a regular steady profit at the 2/4 tables. It's obviously not working. Will spend a few sessions at 5/10 and see how it goes. I think it will tighten up my game and bring better results. Will soon find out. Anyways, the below figures are from yesterdays (Tue) 1/2 sessions which were losing sessions and a little 4/8 which was a winning session.

previous balance $23,435
Todays profit $(167)
Todays balance $23,268
Total profit $22,868

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