Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 86

Well being back in the UK isn't that bad afterall :-) Staying at my parents for the time being which is a bit of a pain but hopefully that won't be for too long. Hardly played any poker for well over a week but went to a live 10 quid rebuy game last night which was good fun. Came just outside of the money but only spent 20 quid so not too bad. Went again tonight and didn't do very well at all. The format was trully awful. 10 quid gets you 1000 chips with 12/table and blinds at 100/100. Basically a crapshoot. Not much skill involved. Don't think i'll be going back there..... although there was only 59 runners tonight, top 10 paid, winner took over 1,300! Shows how many rebuys there was.
Played 3/6 this afternoon and 5/10 tonight and made a nice profit on both :-)

Previous balance $54,813
Todays profit $2,452
Todays balance $57,265
Total profit $56,865

Note to self Sx2+P+FT-600+25k


Amatay said...

wat sites do u play again m8? pacific yeah?

Cottlad said...

Have various sites i play m8 for various games. Play a fair bit at Pacific but other places too. Don't like to say too much about the other places tho ;)