Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holiday Doomswitched

FFS i'm running like death in all aspects of life at the moment. We left to catch our flight to Portugal last Thursday for 10 days and are still sat at home with cases packed and nowhere to go. Have now cancelled and re-booked for June so let's hope this bitch of a volcano has STFU by then. Really needed this holiday too as I seem to be losing my mind bit by bit grinding at a game that seems intent on me losing my mind! Actually the last 2 nights i've won 3 buyins/night which is utterly unreal and feels so weird. I think I won double in the last 2 nights what i've won in all my winning sessions over the last month...... actually, it's only about my 5th winning session in a month so that's not a particularly difficult achievement. Let's hope things continue to improve and I stop really hating this bastard of a game.

The LuckAce offer is still on btw..... Open account (banner opposite), deposit $400, get $100 insta-bonus (no need to play), withdraw $400, play with yr free $100!!....simplez :)

More HSP for you. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well March was pretty shitty. Month of 2 halves with the back end screwing me to the boards. April's started off in exactly the same way with some ingenius 2 and 3 outers that i barely knew could exist, never mind call with. Hope it ends soon as i'm becoming increasingly noncholant about losing multiple buyins which isn't good. Although they do advocate playing without worrying about actual monetary values (whoever they are.) I think i'm taking that philosophy to the extreme

Here's this weeks HSP to cheer me up and see some people losing more than me :)

Have hardly played any poker really as we went over to my parents at Easter for a couple of days which turned into a week after realizing how much work my recently vacated house needs. Already ordered a full new kitchen after ripping out the old one down to concrete and plaster.

Every single room nees stripping back to bare walls and boards so i've got plenty of work on... That's before i even think about the garden ffs. Windows go in next week hopefully and until then i'm stripping paper...... Deep joy! A job made twice as shite by ligving 70 miles away from the project. Luckily parents are in Portugal so staying at theirs for the forseeable.
So, whilst updating this i've had KK v AA twice and a flopped broadway beaten by a runner runner flush. It really is beginning to fkin stink! I haven't even been able to play the LuckyAce fishpond as i've been away and didn't have any stats/notes. That's still the same as last update but i hope to play a bit more there for the rest of the week........ oh wait..... just to finish KK beaten by 22 in a heavily 3bet pot...... fmmfl!

Roll on next Thursday when we go to Portugal..... poker can fook right off for 10 days!