Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 74

I feel like i've been lobotomized! I've never been so card dead ever. 2 hours at a $600nl table and only 1 playable hand. Was down to $120 not so long back but a few outrageous bluffs got me back to $400 and as i'm typing this i've just had my 1st nut hand (broadway) that has catapulted me up to $720. Worth the wait then i suppose but it's been hellish slow. Won a nice amount earlier so today has turned out OK (if i stop now ;/)

Got a guy coming to look at the boat on Friday so will be spending tomorrow (today now) polishing and getting it ready. Looks like he'll buy it so i may well be out of a job come Friday! Me mother will have a duckfit if i tell her i'm gonna try poker for a living! lol. Well at least for a couple of months anyway until we find out if this donk in Ibiza is going to rent me his restaurant. If not, we'll be looking at some other places and you're all invited for fish & chips :)

No news yet on Mister Incredibles next race but i'll let ya know when i do.

Previous balance $44,852

Todays profit $734

Todays Balance $45,586

Total profit $45,186


Amatay said...

Wats sites do u play again m8?

Cottlad said...

pacific poker mainly mate. Fishtastic