Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 40

Well today wasn't going too well to start with. The only tables with players were 2/4 so played 2 tables of that. Suckouts unreal. people calling like $50 into a $75 pot after turn with a gutshot only..... and fookin hitting!!! Was tedious as hell. Lost around $400. At 10pm the other tables started filling up and there were some right maniacs around tonight. Is it a full moon? lol.
Played 3 tables: 2/4, 3/6, & 4/8. After a shaky start i finished up on all 3 and finished the day with a profit.
Unlucky Liverpool. Played well and looked really up for it. Wasn't to be this year :-(
I really should stick to playing 3/6-5/10 between 10pm & 2am only.

Previous balance $23,268
Todays profit $527
Todays balance $23,795
Total profit $23,395


Amatay said...

wat sites u play on m8?

Cottlad said...

Pacific Poker and some Sky. Just about to have a look in pokerroom and Sunpoker also.

Cottlad said...

Linked you btw ;)