Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 70

Well i feel better than i did when i packed up last night. Was proppa angry lol. Ah well, gotta think about the long run and not let these donks effect my game i suppose. Just cooking sausage sarnies which i think will be followed by an afternoon around the pool. Maybe i'll put an hour or 2 in later at the tables.
Had a call off the trainer today who says Mister Incredible should deffo be racing on Monday at Windsor. I will get another call over the weekend after entries are finalized and the ground conditions have been assessed. Things are very positive at the moment but i'll await the next call and let you know. Keep em peeled ;)

Well i finish 2day a lot happier than yesterday :-) Was $400 down until 1 hour ago where i met the biggest psycho maniac i've ever seen. Was unreal. 1 hour in $800nl and this guy must have reloaded 7 or 8 times! Was a case of doin a zulu on him...... hold.......hold......hold.......FIRE!!!!
Opened a fulltilt account today also but not played yet. Watched a few of the pro's playing high stakes and it scared the bejesus outa me lol. Think i'll stick to this level for a while.

note to self: 25k -200 + pp + skyx2

Previous balance $41,686
Todays profit $1,982
Todays balance $43,668
Total Profit $43,268

Oooh just realized that's the end of June! I suppose i should tot up my monthlies......

April profit $20,266
May profit $7,554
June profit $15,448

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