Monday, December 3, 2007


Here's a theory someone came up with on a forum...... Hit the tables hard at the end and start of each month. Everyone's just been payed and are eager to part with their monthly salary!...... Why the fook have i never thought of this before. It must make perfect sense.
So, can we now say that the optimum time to play is the 1st weekend after payday between 9pm and 3am? Could this be the formula to guaranteed success? Unfortunately i couldn't play Fri or Sat this week. Played yesterday though and am much happier with my game and my results. Started at $400nl and left with $1k from 3 hours after losing a buyin early on. Moved up a little later on with a $600nl table (left with small profit) and a $1000nl (left with $1k profit after 3 hrs play. So all in all a good nights work. Apart from the ECOOP #3 i entered and bust out out in 1st 100 to flopped quads :-(
Hopefully this start to December can continue.
Question............ lets start thinking about this early..........
When, over the festive period, can we expect to see fantastic overlays? Surely there's gonna be some great juicy mtt's on offer. Maybe xmas day? xmas eve? NY eve? etc etc?
Also, there's gonna be some heavy drinkers wanting to chance their luck at the cash tables. I reckon these will start the Thu before xmas and last until after the new year...


Saturday, December 1, 2007

$92k into $82k in just 5 days..... oops

The last week has been gruesome. For sure the worst week i've ever had. Everything was going wrong. The coolers i've been getting are beyond my belief. The following happened in a 40 minute spell the other night.....

got it in on a 248 flop with 44 Clown takes $800 pot with A8

Got it in with KT on a 9J3Q board clown takes $1000 pot with a rivered FH

Got it in with KK on a T3K8 board (2 spades) Clown takes $800 pot with flush.
The above is just a snippet of a 5 day spell. I reckon i won 2 decent pots in the 5 days and lost around 20! Scarey shit!

This was followed by a horrid night on Thu where i was stuck about $2k. I stupidly then sat at $2k NL and lost a buyin very 1st hand when a psycho raised preflop, i called with AJ, J high flop it all went in and he flipped pocket kings for a $4k pot. That nearly tipped me over the edge lol. I spent the next 30 mins just staring at the screen.

So... all in all..... i'm stuck about $10k this week alone. Bet you don't feel so bad now Amatay? hehe :-) Amazingly though i'm still about $4k up for the month which has just cheered me up 500%. I was sure i'd be down a load. Was starting to worry about my game and TBH, my game has been real bad lately. Think i've plugged the holes though and am playing only NL $400 to get some confidence back before moving up again. Today went well with a $500 profit just playing ABC poker. I need to get back to making constant substainable wins rather than the big wins followed by big losses.

Anyways, enough waffle from me. Lets all start December with a positive outlook and see if we can't catch a netfull. GL at the table all.

PS....I'm starting my positive December by deleting my previous post about that plum. Why i was letting him get to me i have no idea. Onwards and upwards...... Tally Ho!!!!!!