Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 55

Day 55 = Friday 8th.
Played very little and didn't even look at a cash table. Was doing well in a UK Open qualifier when down to the last 6. Only winner got a seat. Was joint chipleader when got dealt KK in the BB. Other chippo was UTG and raised. I reraised and he called. Flopski 59T rainbow. I bet, he goes over the top and i call for a monster pot and a double chip lead. He flips JJ and catches another J on the river! AAARRGGGHHHHHHHH 3 and a half fooking hours wasted. That was one of the most difficult to take beats i have ever faced as i was playing so well and really fancied it. A friend got heads up with the same guy who who eventually won the thing. The final hand saw him suckout again catching his 2 outer on the river to make his set. UL Begg :(

Previous balance $38,209
Todays profit -$137
Todays balance $38,072
Total balance $37,672

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