Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 15

It's Pacific Pokers 75k Gtd today. Not really intrested in mtt's at the moment but will try and satellite into this just to break up my play a little. Good luck to all at pokerfriendsunited, i'm sure there'll be a decent forum presence as usual.
Today turned out not too badly afterall. I satted into the 75k but finished well out of the money. I played some 2/4 earlier and was a fair bit down. For the last 5 hours i've been grinding grinding grinding at 3 tables of 2/4nl and managed a profit on each. I haven't totted up the figures yet but i'm in profit and after the start to the day i'm amazed.
Quote of the day 'i'm a noob, i know i shouldn't play these stakes but i'm not bothered about losing money, i just enjoy playing!' I was urging this guy to play lower stakes to learn the game but he wasn't having it and lost a wedge. Will keep my eyes peeled for him in the future :-)

Previous balance $17,114
Todays Profit $507
Todays Balance $17,621
Total profit $17,221

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