Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 78 - 81

Man i've been blog lazy for the last week. TBH I took a fairly big hit last Monday and i just couldn't be arsed updating. It's no fun when i'm registering a -$1800 figure :-( Lost 3 x $600 buyins fairly quickly and turned the laptop off. Didn't play for a couple of days and needed to get my heed together. Had a few good days since then and am back on track again.
I am now officially a pro poker player! That's some scarey shit! I'll update more on that in my next post. Anyways, i've gotta dig around and collate some stats now........................

Previous balance $47,748
09.07.07 Day 78 -$1720
12.07.07 Day 79 $10
13.07.07 Day 80 $1,160
16.07.07 Day 81 $468
4 day profit -$164
Todays balance $47,584

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