Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 67

Just had an email telling me that MISTER INCREDIBLE is due to run again on Mon July 2nd at Windsor. Think over 6f this time and he'll be stepping up 2 classes to class 5. It will be a tough task for him but not impossible. I should get some news off the trainer later in the week so keep em peeled!

Here's a hand for the poker textbooks for ya:
Playing against a known fookwit fish (cas) $400nl. Can't get history but here it is:
Blinds $2/$4
Dealt to me JJ in the SB
MP raises to $20
Button calls
I reraise to $92
cas in BB calls
MP folds
Button folds
Pot = $224
Flop = 667
I put cas allin for another $100 He instacalls.
Turn = 2 River = Q

Can you guess what he flips to win a $424 pot? No, really, have a real good think. Go through the betting. Pure genius.

Q8o FFS!!!!!! WTF?

Well that finished off a pretty shit day. Have seen some real donktastic play today and i'm stopping before i tilt a stack off. AA cracked twice.... 1 of them allin preflop v 97! Ridonkulous!
Can't complain too much i suppose. These fookwits are my bread and butter. Still hurts when they hit tho.

Previous balance $43,312
Todays profit -$470
Todays balance $42,842
Total profit $42,442


Amatay said...

n1 on the whole marriage thing, congrats. Also wicked poker results m8, the bankroll is looking good. How many hrs a day do you play on average do you think?

Cottlad said...

cheere bud. Dunno really, i would guess i'm playing 6-8 hrs a day when i'm playing. Have cut down recently to avoid insanity lol. Usually playing 2 tables when i play.

Amatay said...

looooooooool I actually put him on Q8o pre-flop whilst readng lol ;-)