Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 87 - Day 99

13 days of updating to do. Not played a great deal. Even on my 13 playing days out of the last 23 have only been for a few hours. I need to be putting more hours in really but the distractions of being home, nice though they are, don't really give me the time that i used to have in Ibiza.

Played in the GB Poker Tour last week. 100 freezout on Thursday ended in disaster when i reraised from the BB with AJ (this guy was raising my blinds EVERY round!) Rather unfortunately he held King Kong and i was a gonner. Was about 4th in chips at the time.

Fridays was horrible. I still wake up with cold sweats :-( 200 freezout with 111 entered. I am playing some great poker and have worked my stack up steadily to have about 45k with 12 left and sat in 6th place. 11 get paid. Blinds 3000/6000 with 600 ante. 6 at table. Folded round to me in SB with 78 so i push allin to pick up the 13k in the middle. Didn't really want to be called by the BB with AA!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Was so gutted to be leaving right on the bubble in 12th after 7 hours of solid play. What a plonka! Don't regret my steal attempt but i do regret him holding AA lol. Feckin typical innit! Loving the live games again though after 1.5 yrs in Ibiza, and will deffo be playing more in the future.

My graph is still a thing of beauty if i do say so myself. :-)

previous balance $57,265
13 Day Profit $3,456
Todays balance $60,721
Total profit $60,321

note to self: Sx2+P+FT-800+31k

Thanks for reading


PokerRentBoy said...

Your graph is amazing.

I know you've had a couple of big tourney wins, but do you ever lose at cash?

Cottlad said...

27 days outa 99 have been losing days which aint too shabby :-)

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Amatay said...

update feeeesh

Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer is BACK BABY!

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