Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 76

You'll have to excuse any missing e's in this post. Feckin button keeps sticking lol. The guy never turned up to see the boat which has really pissed me off after all the work last week. He's saying he'll send a deposit on Monday though so yet again, i'm waiting on what's gonna happen. Whatever happens i'm outa here at the end of July. Would have been nice to know today though so i can top up the tan then get back to the UK to soak up some rain.
Had a bad start at the tables today losing 2 x $600 buyins. I then entered the UK Open qualifier at Pacific and held JT in my exit hand with a JTT board. Fecker had JJ innit! Nothing i could do there to get away from that :-( Seem to have a trend going atm of losing to a bigger boat!
Now for the good news :-)..... Entrd the $50k Gtd primo for $110. The last 1 i played in i came 3rd for $9000 which accounts for the spike in my graph. Anyways, tonight i came 5th out of 650 for a nice $3200. Wanted to win this soooooo bad and got rivered by the chippo to take me out in 5th. Still, can't grumble. Was in bad shape with 10 left and would have settled for 5th every time.
My mate is headlining at Privelige tomorrow night so have been summoned to support him. Good luck Jean Jack...... av it large mate!

Previous balance $45,792
Todays profit $1,878
Todays balance $47,670
Total profit $47,270

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