Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lewis Hamilton FTW!

Just got back from an amazing long weekend at Silverstone. My wedding present from my wife were Platinum weekend passes for the British Grand Prix.... how lucky am I?!!! We got there on Thursday afternoon and after bemused looks from other campers, finally got our new tent up after about an hour. It was still a bit wonky but looked like it would at least keep us dry. Practice and qualifying were amazing. The weather was mixed but it wasn't too bad....... until Sunday! It was like a day in February instead of midsummer. We were sat in a covered stadium at Copse but because we had front-row seats and a strong head-wind we got battered by icey rain for most of the day. Was bloody freezing but had an awesome time. Definitely booking for next year. The atmosphere was unreal and the noise when Lewis passed the chequered flag was deafening.

Have been so busy what with Vegas and Silverstone that i've hardly played any poker since the middle of June. I have to put that right so will be hammering it for a while. I'm gonna have another go at qualifying for some live UK games too just to mix things up a bit.

Can't really discuss much poker as i haven't really played much. I played a little bit more in Vegas after my last post with mixed results. I got dealt AA twice the whole time i was there, Firstly in a Caesars tournament where i raised preflop and it all went in on the flop after i flop top set, only to see him turn over a flopped broadway straight :-( No help and i'm busto. The other time i got them was in a $5/$10 cash game on a crazy table. One of my targets was a crazy gambler who liked to see flops and bet draws hard. I look down at AA and am happy that he raises before me to $40. I make it $100 to go and he calls. We see a flop of J73 and he checks to me. I bet $150 into $215 and he pushes me allin. I have $700 behind and i'm sure i'm beat. I um and arr for a minute or two and the guy to my right is sighing 'Call!' to me whilst eating his burger. He's not even in the hand but is really trying to give me a read. I was honestly about to fold the hand before this happened but took this as a sign that the other guy had been pushing like this for a while and was probably weak or maybe had TPGK or overpair. That along with my original thoughts that this guy was a gambler led me into umming and arring for another 2 minutes before eventually making an unhappy call. He flips J7 for 2 pair and after no help, i muck my aces face down, stand up, and leave........ very annoyed with myself. I don't blame the guy with the burger, it was my own stupid fault. He could easily have 2 pair or trips. I should have listened to the check-raise and folded. If he open shoves i'm instacalling all day long but the C-raise should have waved the big red flag in my face...... It did to be fair...... i just didn't listen.
That was my one and only forray into $5/$10 whilst out there. I definitely think i could beat the game but it was a little above my available roll so the one shot was enough for me.

My flight left at 3pm on Tuesday so i entered the Goldcoasts $20 tournament which started at 10am. The average age was 113 and the skill level was terrible. There were a few decent players but at least half the field were complete donks. Anyways, i took it down for my 1st live win which felt pretty good lol. It only paid $300 but that was enough for gifts in the airport and a few beers.

So, i'm back at home without too many plans apart from poker for the forseeable future. Time to get that roll back up there. Need to pay for those Silverstone burgers somehow.



Stu 'The UK Shark' Walsh said...

Shame about the WSOP...but congratulations on your first live win!

Mr Cea said...

yeah congrats