Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slow Going

It's not getting any easier this poker lark! I've even started playing a few small buyin mtt's to try and stop the rut. Probably not a good idea because i tend to go off the handle a bit when i've played solidly for a few hours then get a bad beat/cooler/suckout to knock me out just before the big money. I remember now why i stopped playing these damned things lol.
On a brighter note, the standard of mtt play at ipoker seems pretty awful tbh. Lots of players wanting to shove any 2 cards early on. Played in a $11 mtt last night with 366 entrants. This was whittled down to 140 by the 1st break! It wasn't even a turbo! lol. As usual, i got down to 18 left (with 10bb's) and shovelled it AIPF with KK v AT & Ax. Obviously the ace flopped and i've just spent over 3 hours playing for a $24 profit..... sigh. Oh well.... at least i know i was playing solid poker. I'll take that as a huge positive after the last few weeks.

Don't forget the Big Slick offer i got available for new signups. See above for details.

Hopefully gonna try and get the boat in the water this weekend. Keep the RNLI on standby!

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