Monday, June 16, 2008

Spinning it up!

Bloody hell it's hot. Arrived in Vegas at noon to be greeted by 38 degrees! It's like being constantly blasted by a hair dryer.
Got checked in to the Goldcoast. Not bad tbh. Rooms nothing special but are spacious, have internet connection and a decent TV. What else do i need?
Nipped across to the Rio and got registered for tomorrows 6max tourny. Saw Raymer and Goldstein playing which was really weird. then headed back to the Goldcoast to chill. Am bloody knackered but it was too early to sleep so i went to the poker room which only had 2/5 limit on offer. No thanks. So what to do? Put $20 into wheel of fortune slots of course :-) Spun that up to $100 and took that to the blackjack (yes i'm being smart with my roll lol) where i turned the $100 into $300! :-) Easy money lol.
Left it at that for the night and have come back to the room to get some rest. It's only 6pm at the moment though (2am UK) so i might play a bit online for an hour or too. Wanna be fully awake for tomorrows excitement though.
More updates to come.


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Cheesies said...

gl m8, have a great time in vegas, and take down that tourney!