Thursday, January 31, 2008


Booked it. Packed it. Fooked off!!

After weeks of umming and ahhing i've booked the honeymoon. 4 nights in Vegas followed by 11 nights in Maui in a honeymoon cottage, then a night in Vegas on the way back. Can't wait. So looking forward to seeing the sun again. It's gonna be weird going to Vegas and not playing poker but i'll get the poker in when i go back in June .... Just booked that also :-) Heading out for a couple of WSOP events on 15th June. Heading back on 24th. Hope i can come back a bracelet winner........ gawd that would be so awesome.

The poker has been going MUCH better. I have no idea what the fook i've been fannying around at since crimbo. Trying to get tricky, poor hand selection, poor table selection, no concentration etc etc etc etc etc etc.............................. I've taken a leaf out of Jones's book and have dropped down to $1/$2. I've turned the telly off. I've started taking notes again. I've got my patience back etc etc etc etc etc/.... Net result is a $2.2k profit in 3 days after a total of about 17 hours (3 tabling.) Everything just feels better. Not even gonna think about moving above 2/4 at all unless i see 'Irishpig' has come back for another bashing lol.

The reason i've moved back down is simply due to reading my own blog. My normal game when i was winning constantly was 1/2 or 2/4. Not 3/6 or 5/10 or higher. I've been such a fookwit. My game suits 2/4max so thats what i should play. My stats should tell me that but having lost most of my stats when my harddrive went pop i haven't updated. I was planning on starting keeping better stats when i eventually have my desktop connected (probably next week.)

There are a lot of huge lessons to be learnt above. Not just for me. Take heed people!

GLA :-)


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Game101 said...

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