Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deeper Still......

Just played 2 rebuy $5k GTD donkaments at ipoker. Really enjoying playing there at the moment. The mtt standard seems to be soooooo poor. It must be if i'm regularly making FT's! lol.
1st one was a $7 rebuy and i was always there or there abouts. Major hand was when 3 left. AIPF my QQ v his AJ and he spikes an A to double up. Can't blame the shove but was a sick hand which would have given me the win i'm sure. I finished 2nd for $850 so can't complain too much. Cheesies got 4th. A good showing from PFU!! :-)

2nd one was a $10 rebuy and again i made the final table. Was doing OK until i picked up KK.....

No Limit Holdem Tournament
$5,000 GP Rebuy Buy-In: $10+$1
8 players
Converted at

UTG RippThePot (97832)
UTG+1 MartinL (107377)
MP1 bouque0808 (51693)
MP2 Bobby291 (126612)
CO Jackovich (187684)
BTN AnnaLies (57985)
SB whyme1 (85097)
BB avemaria (191719)

Blinds: 5000/10000

Pre-flop: (15000, 8 players)
2 folds, bouque0808 raises to 20000, 2 folds, AnnaLies goes all-in 57985, 2 folds, bouque0808 goes all-in 31693

Flop: (124678, 2 players)

Turn: (124678, 2 players)

River: (124678, 2 players)

Final Pot: 124678
bouque0808 shows:
AnnaLies shows:

bouque0808 wins 118386 ( won +66693 )
AnnaLies wins 6292 ( lost -51693 )

Horrid beat that was. I finished 8th for $177 but was/am pretty gutted tbh.

That mtt win is so close..... i can smell it!

Late edit>....... I played another mtt tonight ($6k gtd) and made it fairly deep. Ended up 14th out of 220 odd. Went out by another suckout and felt pretty steamy so entered a $10 PLO tourny to let some steam off. Started pushing every hand and kept hitting the nuts so slowed down a bit and played it proppa lol. Only 70 odd started but i manage another FT and got 3rd for about $100.
A decent day then with 3 FT's out of 5! 2/235, 8/275, X/300, 14/220, 3/70.
Did OK on the cash too. That means my Big Slick roll has increased from $100 - $1700 in the space of a week playing mainly mtt's :-) They seem sooooo soft/tight/weak etc etc etc. Maybe i'll ditch the cash games for a while ;) Plus i've already got enough points for a polo shirt!


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Amatay said...

I've been doing well on the old MTT's aswell fish. I'm thinking of sticking $10k over 3 sites and taking a few shots. Get any fish on the BS deal btw?