Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Counting Down to WSOP...

I fly out to Vegas on Sunday. I won a $4k package some time ago courtesy of The Hendon Mob. I'm there for a little over a week and i think i'll play event No. 31 on Monday which is a $2500 buyin 6 max tournament. I much prefer the thought of this rather than a full table event as my main game is 6 max when i play day to day. It's not that often i play in 9 or 10 handed games anymore. It's also much more comfortable playing with 6 at a table, especially if you're sat there for hour after hour, which i hope i am! Much more action too......mmmmmmmmmm action!! I am of course fully expecting to come home with a gold bracelet and tales of final table battles with Brunson, Hellmuth and co. You can't blame me for dreaming lol. Saying that, i'm going with every intention of winning the thing, as should everyone else who plays in it!

If anyone wants to buy chunks of me i'm on sale. I may play in a $1500 event later in the week if i can get backing for 50% of me ($750 total.) $75 will get you 5% if you're intrested.
If not, i will play a few side event tournies at Binions/Caesars/Venetian etc. What i don't want to do is take another big chunk out of my bankroll and face the prospect of rebuilding it again like i am doing following the wedding.
Anyways, i'll keep you updated on events Stateside. Anyone else heading over that way?


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Amatay said...

Still going for it m8, i reckon ur right it is/was possible. Having a nightmare so far today though. Congrats on the wedding and all that shit.
I might buy a % of ur fishay ass maybe 5 or 10%, ill let you know