Friday, June 13, 2008

No thanks!

Not a chance i'm falling for this one again. The last Friday 13th i remember playing was right at the start of this blog. I said i wasn't going to play but i gave in and ended up losing $2,400! I think it was my biggest losing day ever! So i'm not going to chance it this time. Yes yes, i know, it's all a load of bollox, but even thinking about it whilst playing will put doubts in my head, especially after getting sucked out on a couple of times. Have had a great fortnight ($9.5k up) so will protect that before my Vegas trip and have a day off.

Took Betty to the vets today. Bless her..... She had to have her booster vaccination. Not a happy kitten at all. We've had a nap on the couch together though and everything seems to be forgotten.

It's my birthday tomorrow so all donations are welcome if you want to buy me a beer. My username is cottlad at FTP ;) Wifey is taking me out to a posh Thai restaurant tonight which i'm well up for. Not had Thai in ages. Bring on the chicken feet! yum yum!

Right, i best go and start packing. Flight leaves early morning on Sunday from Manchester to get to Vegas lunchtime. Will be meeting Joe 'The Elegance' Beevers (namedrop) Sunday evening for a drink and to collect some pennies, then registering for the $2500 6max tourny that starts on Monday. I dunno what i'll be playing after that one..... suppose it depends how i get on. I'll be updating my blog from Vegas though.


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