Friday, July 18, 2008

LOL Boataments!

Greetings! WTF am i doing? I seem to have bought a boat! Well myself, my Dad and my Step Dad in-law have. It's a Microplus 501 and we'll use it for fishing out of sunny Bridlington whenever we get any decent weather. That should give me a year or two to do the thing up! It's not quite what i've been used to over the last few years but hopefully she'll float and will give us at least 1 afternoons entertainment per year. The pic isn't our boat but is the same type. I pick ours up tomorrow. We are still to decide a name for her so any suggestions welcome. The shortlist so far: SEVEN DEUCE, SHARKBAIT, BAD BEAT, SUITED ACES, ANNAMARIE, GUTSHOT.
Poker's been up and down the last week or two. Swings have been bigger than i wanted but the action lately seems to have been crazy. My last 8 days have been -450, -500, +1800, +70, -4, +840, -1260, +960. Thats a 735 swing average per day. That's 91 big bets or nearly 2 buyins. Considering i'm only playing 2 tables per day for about 3-4 hours it's just too much. Only a very small sample i suppose. Anyways, i'm babbling....... STFU Shaun.

Going out with the boys tonight for the 1st time since my wedding in March!!!! It's not that i haven't wanted to or been allowed to (lol) but just haven't had the time. What with Vegas, other weddings, Silverstone, Honeymoon, parent visiting etc etc it's just impossible to get a free weekend. Doesn't help by living an hour and a half away from the drinking action....... which by the way i'm quite thankful for hehe. Anyways, there's close to a dozen middle aged warriors on the pop tonight acting like 19 year olds. Anna hit the nail on the head last night..... ' you lot are like kids when you all go out.... why can't you just drink normal drinks? Why is it that you act like you've never tasted alcohol before, never seen girls before, and never heard music before. You're 36 ffs not 17!!!' haha i think she's absolutely right...... So boys, who's round is it 1st for the sambuca afterburners?

Here are a few pics of a previous social occassion..... Come to a nice BBQ they said...... :s

Rich swimming in the carp pond
Agent Smith has had enough
Full bottle of JD for Martin!

Oh dear, it's gonna get messy!


Amatay said...

lol @ the pics. Looks like you had a really swingy time at the tarbs m8, jeez. Gotta a name for the boat btw, ill think ur like it, why not call it....
The Amatay, wat ur reckon??

Cottlad said...

lol it's actually a good name for a boat. You'll have to get one too then we can have splishy splashy races woowoo.