Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still alive!

I've had a few people nagging me to update my blog so i thought i would apease them. Can't believe how long it's been.
Since my last post i've.........

Done this...........
Been here.........

And here......................

And got this.............

I married Annamarie on the 24th March. We had a fantastic day and really enjoyed ourselves. Even i enjoyed it! I thought i'd be running about the whole day to be honest making sure everything ran smoothly but there was no need to worry. The day went perfectly (apart from the bride being 30 minutes late!!) The wedding car was late apparantley! hehe. I believe ya! The congregation were kept amused by the organist though, who at one point broke into 'why are we waiting!'
We had a great honeymoon too. We started off in Vegas for 4 nights at the Flamingo including a couple of shows and a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. La Reve was very spectacular and well worth seeing and the Rat Pack tribute show at the Plaza was entertaining but i would advise taking a hipflask with you as the cocktail service was worse than terrible. We flew from Vegas all the way to the canyon with Sundance. I can't recommend this highly enough for anyone visiting Vegas. Limo from your hotel to the airport followed by a champagne picnic in the canyon itself. Very reasonably priced too for what you get.
We didn't gamble very much at all apart from a little video poker and our main vice........ Wheel.....Of......Fortune slots. How addictive can that get!
I did walk past a few poker rooms, including the Bellagio's, and not once did i fancy playing...... Gawd i'm a crap liar....... Ya just can't on ya honeymoon though can ya! lol.
We left Vegas with a small profit and continued on to Maui. What a beautiful island. We had our own private honeymoon cottage for 10 nights which was just superb. The weather was mostly good apart from the last 3 days which we used to see some sights and for Annamarie to get savaged by dozens of mozzies at one of the many waterfalls.
We then headed back to Vegas for a night at the Bellagio before heading back to the UK the next day. The views from the room can be seen above. Pretty damned amazing!
Been grinding the tables since getting back. Weddings and honeymoons and all the things that go with them seem to add up to unholy amounts of money so i'm now in the process of building my BR cushion back up. The poker is still going well but i won't be posting a running profit anymore, although i may just mention any big wins/losses as well as any significant hands played. It wouldn't be a poker blog without that now would it!
We had a PFU forum meetup a few weekends back at Dusk Til Dawn in Nottingham. Bit of a shame that the place was full of Norwegians for their national championships because the schedule changed significantly and the tournies we wanted to play were no longer running. So, we went down the local Gala on the Friday and played a £20 rebuy donkathon. There were lots of Scandies there too and the action was fairly manic to say the least. None of us made the money.... think i finished about 17th/65 or so. Sat night we all went to DTD and the management were extremely kind in finding us a private table and a dealer so that we could play some SNG's. We had a great night and will definately have to do that again. We'll play a tournament next time so we can all use our new PFU card protectors! :-)
Anyways, that's what i've been doing for the last couple of months. Oh, we also got a kitten which we named Betty. Damned thing loves drawing blood at the moment so having to wear 3 pairs of socks and leather chaps hehe. I never realized they did such smelly poos too. It'll be a sack and a brick and a visit to the canal if she doesn't buck her ideas up! lol. Bless her.
I see Amafish has set himself a crazy SNG challenge and has taken $1.5k of prop bets lol. Oopsadaisy dude. I reckon you could have made it if you'd pulled ya finger out!
Am off to Vegas again next week to play at least 1 WSOP event and a few side tournies. I'll update before i go and also from Vegas. A bracelet or 2 would be nice ;)

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