Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Event 31

Well that didn't last long :-( Level 2 and i'm outa there. It was a 6max event and my table was fairly decent. with only 5000 starting chips the blinds were starting to count right from the off. I really didn't want to play too tight but maybe i played a little loose. I got no luck though and was left with just over 1000 chips in level 1 after a flopped flush was beaten by a bigger one. I coulda/shoulda gone bust there maybe but with the blinds now at 50/100 i was in terrible shape. My final hand gave me A8 v TJ with a flop of A9Q. It all went in and the turned K left me drawing dead and eliminated much earlier than i wanted.
The whole experience was awesome though. The Amazon room is huge. The TV table is in the corner and yesterday saw a FT consisting of Negreanu, Hellmuth, Chan, Galfond, Juanda & Benyamine! Really strange to see all these stars and to be playing in the same tournies.

After i was knocked out i sat down to play some 2/5 cash and after 4 hours i left the table $9 down lol.

Met the mob (minus Ram) for a few beers early evening along with 3 other qualifiers, Rob, DJ & Jarrod. Great bunch of guys! Had a few too many then headed back to the Goldcoast to see if there was any cash action.....

Sat at a $1/$2 table and the action was beyond belief. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life. The average stack was around $500 and the average pot preflop was around $80! WTF?!!!!! One guy was making all of this action...... Ron!! Rocket Ron as he soon came to be known. He was very pissed and very funny. I imagine he would be a half decent player if sober but in his state, he may as well have just burnt his cash. His standard raise was to $27 with any 2 cards and this would generally attract at least 3 calls from hopefuls with better than average cards. It was fookin brutal i tells ya. If anyone dared to raise, The Rocket would just push allin and outdraw your arse with his 65/35 LMAO. I don't think i've ever had such a laugh at the table. The guy was so pissed that everytime he pushed preflop and picked up the blinds ($3) he would tip the dealer $15!! hahaha. It really had to be seen to be believed. There was probably only 1 other decent player (if i'm included) at the table and between us we took a few nice pots and i left with $800 at 3.30am. I had to leave them to it as I was nodding off but would have loved to stay at that table for the rest of my poker career hehe. I just wish i got a picture of The Rocket to show you guys. Just his image would have you laughing hysterically...... especially after i stuck my Full Tilt logo on his shirt. Anyways, will have a look tonight to see if our friend is back. Hell..... i may go down there now to see if they're still playing lol. Notable quotes from the Rocket....... 'Can i say Bitch.....Bitch!' 'Have you got a queen?' (after EVERY flop whether a Q there or not.) 'Don't ever try that again or i'll reraise your ass!' 'Another Heineken would work well!' You really had to be there but the whole table, even the dealers (who were making $50/hr off him alone) were in a constant state of hysterical laughter.

Heading to Binions today to play in a small MTT with Rob. Good luck to DJ & Jarrod who are playing in todays $1500 WSOP event. Take it down guys!



Amatay said...

ahahaha ,good post fish. Look at you kicking back with the mobsters! lol. Love hearing about Ron rocket ron, vegas is the best

robwhufc said...

Update your blog you lazy sod!

Article in IP came across great, congrats.


Cottlad said...

cheers Rob :-)