Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Coolers, cold decks and suckouts. Sounds like a great name for a movie i may make one day. I spent most of my day occupied with the above and worked really really hard to keep my head above the water. Was just so frustrating 3 tabling 3/6 3/6 2/4 and being met by really really bad players who just seemed to hit endlessley. I left 1 donk sat with 2200 on 3/6 and he would religiously limp call a 5x preflop raise with any ace. He just never got caught out and always seemed to hit. I think i must have played for 9 hours today and until the final 30 minutes i have been in the red all day. Never really down a lot but always -$100 to -$400. The last half hour saw me eventually hitting some cards and going on a bit of a rush that put me +$400 for the day. With my other tables already closed i was UTG on my final 3/6 table and was dealt AsKs. It was my final hand of the night. So..... i raise to 20, MP calls, BB repops it to 100. I should maybe have just passed and shut it down (then again that would be uber nitty) but this player is fairly gung ho and only had about $400 stack................ so, i call, MP folds and we see a flop.....
Flop comes down 26K rainbow....... i'm still not sure i like it........... he bets 120...... i call.
Turn 26K (J) he bets $50............ i'm already well committed and hope this is weak so shove the rest in over the top.
River is a blank and he flips KK :-( He takes down an $800+ pot which is fair enough. I think he played it well and really think the only way out for me is pre-flop when he puts in a big 3-bet. Anyone else and i may consider folding but this guy could easily be JJ QQ AK AQ.

So..... after 9 hours of play today i'm -$2 which is a loss of just over 22c/hour (sigh)
Better than it could have been i suppose so can't grumble.

As you can see i've re-designed my blog. I think it looks better but i'm having to find red piccies so it all matches lol.



L67C said...

You got more discipline than me m8. I'd have played a $2 HU, then a $5 HU etc until I was in the black! Nice recovery all the same.

Liking the new look. Bizarrely it's the same colour scheme as mine, I swear I never looked :D.

Amatay said...

alright m8, its amatay@live.co.uk