Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back And Primed!

Well i can certainly recommend that to anyone. A week spent lazing on beaches, eating good food, in good company with good wine. Not a cardroom or laptop in sight!
Got back on Saturday evening but didn't actually see a hand of poker until Monday. I just didn't want the holiday to stop tbh. When i did eventually get round to playing i felt refreshed and ready to go. I was actually enjoying this stupid game if i'm completely honest.
Spent most of my day at bIg slIck playing 50c/$1 6max and a couple of mtt's thrown in trying to build my roll there. Managed to make 4 buyins playing cash and also cashed in both of the mtt's. The 2nd one was the $15k gtd rebuy which i final tabled. My exit hand was AIPF with QQ from MP that was called by AK from the SB. It would have given me the chiplead had it held but a flopped ace scuppered my plans and kicked me out in 7th for $666. Oh well...... as Amafish has been saying of late..... that decent mtt win is close..... i can smell it!!!
Congrats to Sheep who won the PFU Session last night. I just can't seem to get started in that stupid game. I tend to try and pull off some silly moves that eventually get called. I'm stuck on 13.5 points after 9 games lol...... think the leader has about 408! Luckbox! :D
My local cardroom has just started its 'End Of Summer Festival' and tonight is the £10 unlimited rebuy! Bingo Bingo gogogogogo!!!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiips Pleeeeeeaaaasse!!!!! Should be good for a giggle........ i'm taking £70 and when it's gone it's gone!!! Honest!


Amatay said...

where's your local cardroom fishay?

Cottlad said...

Nth Yorkshire.... Harrogate.

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Gavin said...

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