Friday, July 25, 2008

Anyone Wanna Hear A Bad Beat Story?

Ya just can't believe some peoples play. It's as if they are completely unaware of what the game entails. I hate bad-beat stories but this is funny (or not)
This has gotta be in my top 5 i reckon......
The table is full of habitual limping/calling donks. Villain UTG is a complete muppet!

$3/$6 6 max with stacks $400-900 6 sat.
Villain has $400 and i have $400
limp, i raise to $24 with A5s, fold, fold, fold, BB calls, Limper calls.
Flop AJ5 rainbow
Check, check, I bet $50, fold, villain raises to $150 i call. (99% sure i'm way ahead ere.)
Turn AJ5(9)
Villain bets $150, i call
River AJ59(7)
Villain shoves rest in (about $80), I call
Villain shows 86o and wins a $800+ pot!
Gotta laugh innit!
I finish the day £31 up after an 8hr+ grind :S


EvertonYorkie said...

Lol, I play micro-stakes and don;t expect plays like that there! Found the blog yesterday and have read it all, nice BR building, I have something planned like that except I only have $100 of stakeage to start me off!

Fancy linking up a micro-stakes degen?

Amatay said...

Thats not a bad beat. Check my blog if u wanna see a bad beat. A 1 outer on the river babay!! Shiiiiiiip :-)

Amatay said...

Oh btw, what are ur thoughts on that AA hand i posted on the fighting my corner entry aswell mate. You usually give me gd advice

James said...

I dont think we can castigate the guy as a complete nobsucking retard on the basis of that one hand. Lets see. Sure, on the flop he raised with thin air, trying to take a stab at the pot to see if you are scared of the A. Nothing wrong with that with the right table image. On the turn he picks up a draw and it becomes a semi-bluff. On the river he hits so the money naturally goes in.

Yes you got unlucky, but his play was nowhere near the worst I've ever seen.

©Taffer said...

Ok, so you are getting pwned a tad lately.Your erratic form suggests you need to impose a stop loss limit,say 2 or 3 buyins.If you don't arrest the slide you will be lining up in the dole cue,or worse, serving up burgers to fatties in McDonalds.LOL

Cottlad said...

So your saying calling a 6x preflop raise with 86o....... then checkraising the original raiser on a completely missed flop (with an A & J on flop) with air....... then shoving all but $80 into a pot where the original raiser isn't likely folding, with a gutshot, isn't castigateable?
Yes there's always an argument for aggression but a) this dumbfuck aint that bright.... and b) theres a time and a place for trying a bluff...... this wasn't it lol.