Monday, July 21, 2008

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder!

I still feel sick :-( What a bloody marvelous night Friday was though. There ended up being about 14 of us out on the town all pretending we could still drink like 25 year olds. We started off sensible enough in our local pubs at 7.30 but it started getting silly when we hit the city. Our 1st 3 pubs in quick succession involved 1) Flaming Absinthes and pints of snakebite & black 2) Pints of Old Peculiar 3) Double whisky with a Schnapps Shooter. It's all a bit fuzzy after that but i think everyone kept going until at least 2am.

Fook me did i feel ruff Saturday morning! I had to look in the mirror to see if some joker had lobotomised me in the night.
Got up at 10.30 but that was just wishful thinking so went back to bed until 1.30pm. I had to force myself out of bed then as i had to go and pick the boat up. A bacon butty and cuppa tea went some way to curing me but i still felt like death.
Anyways, got the boat picked up and put in her new home then drove down the coast to see work in progress on a similar boat. It was at this point the friggin car broke down. My own fault as i didn't change all the coil packs the other month when the 1st one went. So, i couldn't get back home and had to spend another night in Hull. Not a very happy wife as she'd planned a really nice meal for when i got home..... oops. Spent a couple of hours playing poker instead for a $1k profit which is a decent result considering the day i'd had and how i felt at the time.

Anyways, the boat is sorted, the car is all but fixed and apart from feeling sea-sick i'm back up to 65% health! :-) Happy days!

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