Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bad Mood Today

Dunno what's put me in such a grump today. I've won about $1k tonight and still feel pissed off. I feel like i need to kick the shit out of a punchbag for an hour or two. Either that or smoke a pack of reds. Been 5.5 months since i gave up now. Still get urges but i'll never smoke again. Would be so easy though.

I've deffo gotta go swimming or running or something tomorrow. I must get active instead of sitting at home eating chocolate. I'm becoming a tubby fooka which aint good.

Can't get my graph working in that nice steady uphill walk that i've had since April. Deffo less fish swimming in the pools. Either that or my game is getting a lot worse. I had hoped my next post would be the $100k celebration but i just can't seem to crack it. Still another 3k to go.

Lost a $1000 hand yesterday and had to laugh like fook afterwards. Fair play...........

6 handed. Me button. Him BB. 500 each. Blinds 3/6
Folded to me. I raise to $18 with 88. BB calls.
Flop 844 :)
He checks. I check.
Turn 844(7)
He Checks. I check (hope he hits the river teehee :-))))
River 8447(A)
He goes allin for 500 and i instacall.

He only goes and flips 44! FFS!!!! lmao. was funny. Good luck to him, he played me like a fish hehe.
Sx2 + others + 70.8


1 comment:

Bob said...

I've been clean for about 15 months now.. the first 6 were the worst

I still think about it every day. As you say it would be so easy to smoke again. I don't think you ever really quit you just stop.

The best bit is you get the feeling that if you can do that you can do anything.

Fuck me I've been on tilt for two years though lol.