Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iron Man

I am now officially a 'Fitness Fanatic!!!!!'
I didn't actually go swimming today but i did walk 3 miles. OK..... it's nothing special but at least it's a start. Have decided that walking is the way to go for a while at least as it will allow me to get to know Harrogate a bit better. The reason i walked 3 miles today is that the local cardroom is a mile and a half away and i wanted to scope the place out. It was shut! Grrrr. Ah well. Will nip down and join another time. Gonna start upping the walking to 5-10 miles to cover the whole of Harrogate and surrounding area.
Anyways, came back from my stroll and had a real nice afternoon at the tables. Played for about 2 hours only and have just finished up $1200 playing NL$600. Schweeeeeeet. Bout time i had a decent day.
Like Podium Boy, i must work out a schedule between playing/sleeping/exercise/days off etc etc etc. Am also playing when i shouldn't and not taking the thing seriously enough of late. Just haven't had the concentration or been in the 'zone.' Feel better for getting out of the house today though so hopefully things will change.

Only 1 terrible beat today by a player who should bloody well know better..........
Oh fook it, i'm not gonna bore you all with BB stories.

So, at 6pm i'm $1600 away from the magic figure.

Oh...... can someone tell me why, after i post an entry, it doesn't update for hours and hours? It used to be instant?


Amatay said...

Walking??? oh my gollay gosh! Do some exercise you cunt lol. JOKER. Your blagging yourself that walking constitutes exercise. Nice results anyway fish

The Busted Man said...

hey hows it goin link swap??

best of luck keep in touch

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Cottonbud said...

Hey cott sorry about last night I was very very very very very very drunk! GL

Amatay said...

Cotts, ive posted a hand that really bugged me tonight at the end of my last entry. WTF do you do in that spot mate, appreciate your comments, cheers.