Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Day

Am running good at the moment. In the last 12 days, 3 have been losing ones. I've dropped back down to playing 2 to 3 tables max and am finding it much easier to make the correct decisions and reads rather than just playing my hole cards and the board(which is what i find myself doing when trying to play too many tables.) I'm also giving myself more time to assess the situation and extract maximum value from winning hands. Even though i can 4-5 table profitably, i don't think i can get as much value out of that as i can 2 tabling with 100% focus. Yesterday was the best day i've had for a long time ($2.2k) so lets hope i've hit a vein of form just at the right time. I can almost smell that bracelet lol.

Only played for 20 mins so far today as there just aren't any decent games open. Had to drop down to NL$200 to even get a game and am gonna hit and run now for $75 :)

Am trying to get back into golf at the moment. Had a couple of lessons lately which completely destroyed my game but things are just starting to buck up a little. Played at the weekend and shot 90 which is nowhere near where I ideally want to be, but a vast improvement on how things have been going. Maybe the lessons are now starting to pay dividends and I can get my handicap down to 12 or less by the end of summer. I'm off now to thwack another couple of buckets of balls down the driving range. Will be back to the poker later this afty.

This made me smile today. Why can't these sort of things happen more often? Justice in the form of a crushed leg for this vandal as opposed to a tap on the wrist!...............

Help me.... help me..... LMFAO!