Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Yeah yeah, i know i'm a bit late. Better late than never though innit! Been grinding away for the last month trying to rebuild my roll after losing that 10k in a short spell. Happily i've made that back in December with a little bit on top so all is well in my little world :-)

I hardly played a hand over christmas as i never had any time really. The only time i really did want to play i couldn't get a signal and settled for about 10 minutes of $2/$4. Back into the groove now to a certain extent but will be easier once i have my new system connected to the tinternet. I've just been out and bought a decent spec PC, 2 x 22" monitors and a printer from PC world for 666 quids. Great offer imo. Dual core 2.2ghz with 2g ram. Haven't been able to play yet though as i wont have tinternet service until the end of the month. Will probably plug in my mobile dongle modem thingymebob to test it out soon though. I spent the first 15 minutes just moving the mouse cursor from screen to screen lol. Gawd i'm a saddo.

So, what have i been up to i hear you say? Well i've been upto this..........

Xmas - cooked xmas dinner for mine and fiance's parents. Great success! :-) Fiance bought me a Wii for xmas prezzy. Great success! :-) Spent a couple of nights between xmas and NY in the Lake District with my girl. Had a spa bath and a hot-tub. Even managed a 4 hour walk on 1 of the days - Great Success! :-) NYeve went to a restaurant with friends and got hammered. Not as hammered as the girls though who ended up pretty comatoze. NY day was a bit messy to say the least - Great success! :-)

The wedding's creeping up quickly and most of the planning has been finalized now. Last major job is to book a band which i'm off to do right now - I hope Led Zep are free on Easter Monday!

Hope you all have a happy and healthy new year. Good luck at the tables.

PS..... anyone playing the GUKPT in Brighton next week? Think i may be attending.


Michael said...

Just found your blog. Good luck in Brighton.
I've linked you up

snoopy1239 said...

Not sure yet, but good luck if you do play. What's you real name so I can ask the udpaters to keep an eye out?


Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year
good luck for 2008

Gaz Billingham said...

Hey great blog any chance you can link mine up please? i`ll do the same, leave us a comment if u do.