Friday, January 18, 2008

Cashout Blues

Why is it? I'm playing what i consider very good poker this week. Up to Wednesday morning i had 13/17 winning sessions Somewhere near 10 buyins to the good. Wed morning i cash out 20% of my current roll at this site. Since then i've had 10/12 LOSING sessions. Somewhere near 5 buyins down I'm sure i haven't changed my game. I've been completely card dead. When i do limp in or pick up a semi decent starting hand i'm outdrawn every time. My str8 outdrawn after money goes in to a flush. My flush outdrawn after money goes in to a boat etc etc. Time after time Last night i needed a change so opened up another client where i had $400. I've played and won in 5 sessions and my roll there is now $2k. I ask ya....... wtf? Is it really just variance? I know this has come up sooooo many times in the past and this is a bit of a rant, but why does it constantly come up? Aliens DO exist! Diana WAS murdered! Amatay IS a fish!

Anyways, gonna stay away from the cashout site for a while until my doomswitch has been reset. Might even have a pop at a few donkaments for a change.

Maybe Sunday will change my luck. We are having our bands read (whatever that means) so i'll be attending church and praying to God for a nice streak of luck. Wonder if I can tempt the vicar into a backroom cashgame after the service? hehe.

Still can't reach the magical 100k figure. Seems this last 10k is proving to be a bit tricky. Current profit $96k. Hopefully i'll be there (and not lower) by the end of the month.

I didn't make it to Brighton. A bit too far to travel really. Hopefully i can get to one of the more northerly legs. GL Gliterbabe who's made it to day 2. Take it down!


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Amatay said...

Bit harsh ain't it mate lol. Funny though because i hadnt had a losing session all month until last night when i switched from the new acc i've been playing to an old one. Im gonna be all para now thanks to this post u coount