Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Lied! my last post when i said the car was almost fixed. Got the parts and replaced them only to find the damn thing still mis-firing. Had a garage look at it yesterday and they just called me with some great news.......
Best case scenario....... bad valve...... £750
Worst case scenario.....New head...... £1600
Am utterly fooked off right now. How can a supposedly solid reliable car need this work after only 75k miles? I drive it proper steady too :S I've got no choice i suppose other than get the thing fixed. Just hope i can have a decent run at poker to pay for it.
Pokers been going OK with the last 4 days winning ones averaging $800/day. I suppose that's paid for the car in the worst case scenario but i'm still not happy.
How the fook can these fookwits....... and when i say fookwits i mean someone who plugs a computer into a car then changes any parts that aren't working properly...... justify charging £40/hour. I mean WTF is going on in the world when a parts fitter is earning £300/day? Oh i forgot to add the juice they put on top of parts also! I gotta stop this rant before i tilt myself lol.

Right. Back to the poker...... relax!

Huuuuuuge congrats to idi0 from PFU who took down the FTP 40k last night for $15k :-) WP mate....... Fix me car for me? TYTY


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