Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow I can still tilt bad. I mean really really bad! I thought the swirling stomach, the throwing of objects, the shouting at the screen, the rush of blood, etc etc was all behind me? Obviously not! I still get annoyed sometimes but haven't gone on monkey tilt for months until now.

It started Wednesday evening when i went to the river, betting the nuts fairly hard, when i got 2 outered by someone who shouldn't have been in the hand. Basically i flopped the nut flush and he's calling (twice) with an underpair to the board. The turn did pair the board (QQ) but i wasn't at all worried about being beat due to the dynamics of the hand (which i won't bore you with. What i will say is that i 3-bet a decent amount pre-flop with AcKc and he wasn't even the original raiser but still calls with 66.) This guy is normally OK (so i thought) and to be honest, his play wasn't completely out of line other than a terrible call pre-flop. It's what the knob typed in chat after he 2 outers the river....... 'TY'! WTF? Do we not play together nearly every day of the week? Have i ever disrespected you like that? Did i not have a right to be amazed at the way the hand panned out? Anyways, stupidly i got annoyed. I mean.... there is not an occassion EVER where i would disrespect a regular after sucking out like this. I would at least have the decency to give an 'UL' or a 'Sry man' in the chat..... or say nothing at all..... Anyways, i'm over it now lol but that's what started my tilt. 10 hands later it was confounded by someone else 2 outering me when i bet the nutz hard through the streets. I was gobsmacked........ 2 in 10 minutes? WTF is going on? I still ended the day up a little after being really dumb and joining a $5/$10 game for a while. Luckily i hit a couple of decent hands.

Then...... yesterday......... I'm grinding away at 2 x $2/$4 tables and have made about $500 when in the space of an hour i get 2-4 outered 4 times! Yes..... 4 fookin times! I quickly went from being +$500 to -$900. The red mist dropped again and i did well to shut down my games without destroying my computer.

So....... Lessons learned. Don't let some prick wind you up so much. Don't play when tired.

I'm feeling a little less tilted right now but am not gonna play for the time being. May play a little tonight when the donks come out. It is payday afterall ;)

PS.... yes i'm fully expecting all regulars to type 'TY' after every pot they take off me now lol..... i hope they do...... it will de-sensitize me :D


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BobCFC said...

Sounds familiar.. I am a tilt monkey.

I am curious about which time of day (UK time) you find the most profitable?