Saturday, August 30, 2008

Strange Week

I have no idea what's been going on with the poker of late. I just can't seem to get in, and then stay in the groove. I've taken my BiG SLiCK roll up from £50 - 950 and then back down to £700 in the last 2 weeks and my other accounts have been stagnent. Every time i make a couple of buyins and think things are on the up, i lose a couple of buyins + change to coolers and suckouts. It's been really ugly. Ya know, them hands where you're waiting for that muppet sat to yr right to make that 1 mistake......... you pick up AK and a full buyin ends up going in on a Axx flop, he flips Ace rag and rivers his rag. Happening time and time again..... 2 and 3 outers galore. Have really doubted myself lately tbh but i just keep telling myself the money is consistently going in ahead and things must change soon. Fook me..... i wish i could spend Sklansky $$$'s......... I'd be so far up this month it's untrue :S

Took the boat out last Friday and it performed remarkably well to be fair. We had a couple of hours fishing and caught 30 odd fish between the 3 of us. All mackerel & whiting, the majority of which we let go. Just need a towbar on me car now and i'll be all set.

A bit of good news at last........ I entered the Sky Primo bingo allin donkament tonight. it's £25k gtd and i have a real good record in this one. It's monthly and i forget about it nearly every month. The 4 previous ones i entered resulted in 2 FT's. Anyways, i final tabled again tonight and got 4th place for £1750..... a very timely boost to the bankroll! :D Maybe that ease in pressure is what i need to turn the corner.



Amatay said...

nice result in the Sky donkfest fishay

©Taffer said...

This blog stinks of self serving bias mate. You claim to be on a perpetual down swing yet your big-slick roll went from 50 to 800 and you won a donk fest on sky for 1250 . You do realise that upswings include your best hands holding up right? Either accept the erratic nature of poker and refrain from bleating or I'm deleting you from the bookmarks.Comprende?

Amatay said...

Gd point Taff lol. Quit moaning fish, u run like god imo :-)