Friday, November 21, 2008

Spent the whole week analyzing my game and plugging leaks. Seem to be going round in circles somewhat. I'm happy with my preflop play now but my postflop play needs a little improvement i think. Made a 4 table, 200nl video and have posted it on PFU in order to get some useful criticism. Will definitely be making some more videos now i've got the hang of things with Camtasia. Will also edit the next one down so there's not as much inane waffle and boring hands.
Dropped a few hundred on ipoker this week after a couple of crappy sessions. Seem to be fighting back a little in the last couple of days though and am raking plenty at the moment and the bonus for this month will be very timely.
Congrats to Cheesies who's had a sicko month of November. Achievements too numerous to list but was capped by a 20k gtd victory last night. Also idi0..... another sicko who won another 20k gtd earlier in the week. PFU seems to be going great this month.... long may it continue.

My god what a boring post that was......
Can i save it with a funny vid i wonder?


vertexer said...

he doesnt sucks at online poker.
in the original video you see he will play counterstrike. somebody cut this .
in the original video he says on german " ich will counterstrike spielen " .

Adam Van Wildest said...

that was me 5 years ago!