Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Not a lot of improvement since last post. I've been playing OK but seem to have run into a whole host of donks recently and variance when playing these muppets can be huge. I've lost count of the number of times my money has gone in good and lost over the last week. It's the same old same old...... raise with AK to 6x as yr guaranteed at least 1 caller. Get called by the table fookwit shovefest alliner who calls with A7....... Flop comes A23...... it all goes in and he rivers his magical 7....... then thinks he's the worlds best poker player. Aaaarrrgghhhhhh..... this hand just happened BTW for a $1k pot but is typical of the last week.
Am actually quite sure this has been one of my worst weeks of all-time. 4 losing days out of the last 5 and currently stuck $1k today. Maybe i should just avoid the maniacs for a while and stick to grinding it out on the $2/$4 tables. My mental state really isn't up to playing loose cannons at $3/$6.
I'll spend some time over the next day or 2 watching some cardrunners vids too. That normally sorts me out a bit.
Not a lot else been happening in my world. Got the car back which hit me for £1200 so all in all, a week to be erased from the memory banks.
So..... yet another bad beat post entry in this blog. I promise the next one will be more positive.......

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