Monday, January 28, 2008


Having another bad run. Playing marginal hands and trying to conceal biggies. Trouble is, i aint hitting any biggies. Played Saturday and was doing OK until i did something incredibly stupid that slightly tilted me. I'm playing $600nl and wake up with 99 on button. I raise to $20 by highlighting the bet box and typing 20. Trouble is, i didn't delete what was already in there so ended up with 620. I hit 'raise' before i realize what i've done and it raises me allin. This is the 1st time i've done that in around 100k hands at this site. Anyways, i thought i'd probably get away with it as long as someone in the blinds didn't have AA/KK. BB calls and flips AA. Odd's please? LOLOL........absolutely gutted.
Spent the rest of the weekend getting rivered. Not a massive amount down but if i'd won even 40% of my 80% shot's i'd be well up for the weekend. My luck has been trully awful.
Here's an example......... you know who you are lol..........
$1000nl. I raise to $50 in position preflop with QQ.
A very drunk guy calls from blinds.
Flop 469
He bets $100. I raise to $400. he calls.
Turn J
He pushes for $550. I call.
River 3
Hi flips 52 offsuit and rivers his gutshot straight. I'm not moaning at his play here. I'm quite happy with his play. It just highlights the unreal luck i've been having lately when someone bluff pushes over $500 with 5 high, i make the right call and get hammered by a 4 outer.
Apologies if the above not 100% accurate but if it aint, it's there abouts.

Anyways, time to move onward and upward. Hope i can make this week work a little better. Gonna try and stop calling raises with my 64c and get back to ABC's for a while.

GL for the week all. Tallyho!!!!!

edit: It's 10:55 and i've just started........ fooks sake.
$600nl. Full Stack. AA dealt to me.
Raise to $24. 1 caller.
Flop 854
I bet $40 he calls
Turn 2
I bet $100 he calls
River 7
He pushes $150 and i have to call. Of course he has 86 and hits his gutshot straight.

Next hand.
Same guy raises to $30 preflop and i push the rest in (slightly tilty) with AK. He calls and takes down a $600 pot with QKo. I mean.... wtf is going on ere.

Any advice please? Am i playing like a fookwit?

10 minutes into today and i'm $600 down after about 6 hands. Both coming from suckouts.


Amatay said...

mate, it sounds like ur having a mare. Reading ur blog for a while now and this is the first time ive ever really read bout u losing, i didnt think u ever lost fish? Leave ur lappy alone for 3 or so days mate. Dont touch the fucking thing. gl

Cottonbud said...

Who the fk was the drunk guy sounds like a right fish/donk gimme his alias m8 I wanna catch him ;-)