Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 8

Today's Sunday and my 1st true posting day on this blog. Haven't played a hand yet as i've been setting up this blog. My intentions for today are to try and satellite into the Pacific Poker $75k gtd and play some cash. Am going to really try and stick to $1/$2nl today. It's sometimes so tempting to find a fish sat at a higher limit and try and take his money. The trouble is, everyone else at the table is gunning for his money too. Today is the start of my 'self control programme' lol. I must remember that making $2000 per day isn't really viable and if i can aim to make $200 per day things will work out better.
I'll be back later to update todays post. Good luck to all the people from in tonights 75k. I hope 1 of us can take it down.

Qualified for the 75k easily enough through a 1 in 5 $14 + $1. The hard bit has yet to come!

Well it's late now but worth staying up for. The 75k was a shambles for me and i never got started but very well done to the crew. numerous money finishes and congratulations to 007killa on 2nd place for $9300!!!
I played the 18k gtd and the level of play was truly beyond belief. Got knocked out eventually with my AK v some donks K9 grrrr. Then went to console myself on the cash tables were the grind was worth the wait. Played 1 table ($1/$2) with $200 and after 4 hrs left with a little over $400. Was also multitabling a $2.50/$5 and was grinding out a steady profit. After joining with $250 i was up to around $500. Then i got dealt 77 on the button. 1 raise before me so i flat called the $10. Flop 27K. I check and see the remaining 3 players bet out $25. I flat call. Turn Q. BB Bets $50, other 2 players call... i raise to $100. 3 callers. River 2. Checked to me.... I bet $100 and get 3 callers to take down a very very nice pot :-))))) Puts me well into profit for the day and far exceeded my $200 target.

Previous balance $10,136
Profit today $1,977
New balance $12,113

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