Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 1

As i mentioned, i've been playing for 1 week at with my system. I'm going to keep all figures in dollars as that is the norm for poker sites. some of my sites however use British Pounds and the exchange rate i'm using for ease will be 2 dollars to the pound.
At the start of last week my Bankroll at Pacific was $200 and i deposited $200 into another site giving a total of $400.
Day 1 at other site went very well indeed. I got 3rd in an mtt and won a few dollars on the cash tables. I had increased my total balance to over $2000. This has to be to good to be true right? Well maybe not..... The next few days continued in the same way and by the end of Thursday 12th April my balance stood at $14000!!! Wow!!! Not bad for a $200 outlay :0
I know i'm a decent player but my bankroll management has always let me down. I tend to get this feeling of invincibility and lose a stack in 1 session. I really hope i can keep this together. I cashed out $8000 to stop me going mental at the tables and losing the lot!!
Then Friday the 13th came. Not a good day. I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to play poker and it showed with some of the decissions i made. Couple with this the truly awful cards i was getting dealt and the result was a $2400 loss for the day.
Saturday the 14th i didn't fare much better recording a loss of $1500 ;( A lot more self control is going to be needed here if this is going to work!!

Start Balance $400
Current Balance $10536
Profit for week $10136
Total profit $10136

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