Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 9

Summers here yipeeee!!! Ibiza had a great spell of weather a while back buts it's been raining here for the last 2 weeks. Today though is beautiful. Clear blue skies and hot hot hot. I'm a yacht captain so i went to see the boat today and do some work. Have spent most of the day polishing and getting her ready for the season. It's a never ending task. Sounds like a glamarous job being a yacht captain in Ibiza but most of the work is cleaning and polishing. It does have it's good points to though :-) If i knew how to attach a piccy to this page i would post a pic of the boat for you. Maybe i'll look into this later.
Played a quick 45 mins of 1/2 before i left today and ended up levelish. Maybe a couple of dollars up. Yesterday post went to pot...... 'Shouldn't look to be winning $2000 per day' & 'I must stick to 1/2'. Both of these statements were blown away last night. I should be happy that i made a nice profit but i know it's no way to manage bankroll. Daily swings of $2000 are just ridiculous! OK if there positives mind but only a few negatives will have me broke. Todays another day so lets see what happens.
Gonna try and satellite into the Pacific $25k gtd but if not will pay the entry. Might also have another look at the nightly sky mtt to see how the donks are doing :-) Will also play some 1/2 and will let you know how i get on laters.

Well the 25k was a shambles :-( Tried 2 satellites unsuccesfully so bought in anyway. Never got a single hand apart from QQ which i had to lay down after the turn. Pushed with remaining chips with A9 and the rest is history :-( Finished 70th in the sky mtt out of the money.
Been grinding away at 2 cash tables for the last 4 hours and came out with a profit on both. Not massive but it's in the right direction. The good thing is i managed to stick to 1/2 all night!!!!
Earlyish night for me as there's more good weather forecast tomorrow and i want to work on the boat as well as working on the tan tomorrow :-)
As i type this i just lost my final hand of the day $200 preflop my QQ v AK :-( Am now slightly negative for the day. Ah well, easy come easy go.

Previous Balance $12,113
Todays Profit $(31)
Todays Balance $12,082
Total profit $11,682

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