Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 10

Another gorgeous day here on the White Isle of Ibiza. It was nicknamed the white isle by the Romans due to the salt plains in the south of the island and not for the huge amounts of cocaine that are consumed on the island every year. Direct flights start again in a couple of weeks so the place is going to be buzzing with 'bloody tourists!' Oh well, it's been a great winter.
Not a bad afternoon up to now. Been multitabling 1/2 and am $300 up so far today. Going to make a pot of spaghetti bolognese now and will be back laters for a few more games. Think i'm going to play the sky open again tonight so i'll maybe see you at the FT Dave :)

Well it's been a pretty good evening. The spaghetti bolognese was a great success and i've won a few dollars to boot. I know i should be playing 1/2 but i seem happier in 2/4 for some reason. There seems to be much more action. Played 2/4 tonight and it worked out well. Looking back, most of the profit i've made has been at 2/4 so i may just make that my home from now on. Am currently playing 1/2 10 seater nl table though and the action here is incredible. Will be keeping my eye on this table for the future but for now i'm gonna leave them to it and read a while.

Previous balance $12,082
Todays profit $848
Todays balance $12,930
Total Profit $12,530

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