Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 13

Thank crunchie it's Friday! Got next to no sleep last night due to cats wailing outside my window all fecking night. Buckets of water did nothing to curtail their awful singing and i'm feeling crabby as hell. Going down the boat to do some work and will probably come home for a siesta later before hitting the tables. Today and tomorrow are my favourite 2 poker playing days and i'm feeling confident of a nice profit. Friday and Saturday being the 2 nights of the week that people go out, get smashed, then stagger home for a game of drunken poker. Have a great weekend y'all.

Well, what a weird evening. At 8pm i got home and was playing..... actually, i don't honestly remember.... i think 1 x 2/4 + 1 x 3/6, Anyways, i lost a bundle. I really could not get a single hand. Looking back over last weekend i thoiught the fri/sat nightmare is happening again. I played until 12pm and lost my whole $600 stake on 1 table and more than half of my $400 stake on the other.... whoops. At midnight i got a call saying 'get your arse out dor a drink!!' So i did, if only to drown my sorrows. Had a good night out and have come back at gone 4am completely smashed. And they say never play poker when drunk.... hehehehe..... i knew i shouldn't but it was such a temptation playing 3 tables whilst covering 1 eye in order to see in single and not double. Silly me!!! Well, i played 1 table 5/10. Joined with 500 left with 1400. 1 x 2/4 joined with 400 left with about 700, 1 x 1/2 joined with 200 left with about 500. The numbers are slightly vague as i've had 1 too many. Have seen sense and called it a night and i think i may actually be slightly up for the day!!! Though god only knows how. Gonna tot up my figures now and then sleep like a baby until i wake up.

Previous balance $15,312
Todays profit $524.... more than slightly up..... am gobsmacked to be honest!!!
Todays Balance $15,836
Total profit $15,436......
Playing when drunk is good!!!! I thought i was gonna report a -$1000 day until i rolled home :-))))) Wehey :-)

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