Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 11

Another beautiful day here. Not even going to play a hand until this evening. Going to take advantage of the sunshine and breath some fresh air. GL at the tables today all.

Well what a great surprise. Been to the boat and nipped somewhere to see if i had any post. There waiting was a parcel from the bestest girlfriend ever ever ever containing a whole range of easter goodies. Easter eggs, mini eggs, hot x buns, easter jelly eggs....... woohoo. Am sat here filling my face with chocolate whilst playing a bit of 1/2 :-))) Back laters with an update.

Well i have no idea how i finished the day up today after suffering 3 of the most gruesome beats i've ever seen. The standard here is so bad you just never know what you're up against. Half of the time your oponent doesnt even know what they have!! Had to explain to someone tonight that a flush beats a straight!! It was a $300 pot!!! More money than sense some people.
Anyways, i've ground out a decent profit tonight and even though the fish are swimming i'm calling it a night as am feeling quite tilty after the beats i took.

Previous balance $12,930
Todays profit $838
New balance $13768
Total profit $13368

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